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Trout Return to the Cong

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Trout Return to the Cong

It's been 50 years since native brown trout and eels have been able to access the upper parts of the Cong Burn in County Durham – but now they are back!






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Man made obstacles had blocked upstream fish migration in the Cong, meaning that native brown trout were unable to populate much of the upper burn. However thanks to major investment from the Wear Rivers Trust, Environment Agency and funding from the Catchment Restoration Fund with help and support from the Chester-Le-Street Angling Club, the rock ramp has now been repaired and fish can now get past the obstruction and make use of the excellent spawning habitat upstream.

Already a small number of trout and eels have been spotted throughout its length. So there is every reason to believe that the work has been a real success. The Burn is prone to flooding though and with a long history of industrialisation in the area, pollution incidents are not uncommon.

The Wear Rivers Trust continues to report incidents of pollution as they arise including a recent incident where Iron Ochre appeared to be leaching into the burn, to ensure that the newly populated upper burn is kept safe for fish.


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