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Zen2 and the Art of Bass Fishing

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It's not all bad news for bass - so head to Cornwall for some great fishing! It's not all bad news for bass - so head to Cornwall for some great fishing!

13 is the magic number if you fish for bass in the UK, and it’s not all bad news for the species as Austen Goldsmith reports.



13 is the Magic number if you fish for bass in the UK and once the sea temperature hits 13 degrees everything just seems to come to life! We have just clipped the magic 13 in the West Country, so that’s it -  it’s game on from now until Christmas!

There has been a lot of negativity about bass stocks and the state of the fishery over the last year. I have become friends with a number of commercial hook and line bass fishermen over the years and the word I am hearing across the west is that the size of the shoals on the reefs are larger than we have seen for a good few years. Make of it what you may, but I will just enjoy myself while it lasts.

Hopefully this news will encourage UK anglers to get out there and fish hard for bass in 2016. We should not talk ourselves out of bass fishing just because elements of EU/ UK fisheries policy understandably disappoint us right now. We have, in fact, seen more positive steps to preserve bass stocks in the last three years than we would have imagined was possible, including the facts that:

  • The minimum landing size has increased.
  • Commercial catches are now capped for the first time ever.
  • The pair trawling fleet has been closed for two years.
  • We have not encountered a cold winter for four or five years.

The truth of the matter is that future stocks may well be receiving a much needed boost right now. I need to put the negativity behind me and get back to doing what I love so deeply and that is fish for bass in Cornwall - preferably with a 9 weight fly rod in my hand!

For the first time in years my diary has spaces on prime tides in prime months. Please don’t let these golden tides slip away, it’s just too much fun to be out there fishing for them so check out my website HERE and join me!

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