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Have-a-go at fishing at the National Fishing Month launch event: Friday 22nd July 2016

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Have-a-go at fishing at the National Fishing Month launch event: Friday 22nd July 2016

All over the country from 22nd July to 29th August, qualified angling coaches give their time to welcome newcomers to the sport. Fees are waived and tackle is often made available free of charge by supporting manufacturers, fishery owners and retailers.

Unlike many sports which rely on rapid body movement or an eye for a ball, just about anybody can fish. Angling is a great leveller, with no barriers based on age, gender or social status. You can spend a warm summer’s day or a crisp winter’s morning by the water in beautiful places you would otherwise never, ever visit. Indeed, fishing really is a four-season sport, and one of its joys is that in each season there are different and exciting fish to catch.

Fishing is well-known for its capacity to help you to relax into a new, fascinating world, the ideal antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life - a way to avoid the constant barrage of political opinions and the disappointing performance of our national football team. It transports you to the heart of nature and the many intriguing plants and animals that live there. By attending a National Fishing Month event this summer, you could experience the joys of fishing yourself.

A great way to enjoy yourself this summer, get outdoors and become healthy is to take part in one of the 250 National Fishing Month (NFM) events across the UK. You will be joining thousands of young people, parents, grandparents and friends who enjoy quality family time together at the waterside over the holiday period. It’s a hugely satisfying way to strengthen relationships and become active together, and it often leads to lasting hobby and a passion for angling. 

There are many exciting events across the UK planned for the first weekend of National Fishing Month. 

Fishing sessions at all NFM events can all be booked directly with the organiser online at www.nationalfishingmonth.com and with 250 events across the UK, there is bound to be one close to you. Get outdoors with your family and friends and have some fun.

** One such showcase event is being held at the Sportfish Game Fishing Centre at Theale in Reading on Friday 22nd July.

With a customised day full of hands-on angling opportunities, the event focus is on youngsters and newcomers and falls in line with the core ethos of NFM. There will be tutored fishing on the lake, one-to-one advice from some of the biggest names in the sport, and demonstrations throughout the day that will illustrate just how easy it is to get started. 

NFM coordinator Naidre Werner commented: 'I am absolutely delighted that Sportfish have kindly offered us their amazing facilities to ensure that National Fishing Month gets off to a fantastic, flying start.’

National Fishing Month is a celebration of the sport of angling. National Fishing Month is organised and led by the Angling Trades Association with the Angling Trust, Angling Cymru, Canal and River Trust, the Professional Anglers Association and the Environment Agency as supporting partners.

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