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Default Re: William Joseph Mag Surge or fishpond waterdance

Hi guys

Resurrecting this old thread, has anyone got any additional thoughts for a decent waist pack - for flats and reef fishing? The William Joseph sounds amazing. BBB - it sounds perfect for bones on the flats but will it withstand a few big waves crashing onto it in GT territory - will the magnetic closures stand up to that? I'd hate to see a couple of flyboxes floating away.

Also are there any metal parts (in the WJ of Fishbone pack) as the zips (the pull part not the teeth) on my current one are now corroding.

Finally is there anyway of carrying a made up second rod on these packs (and still cast with the first rod)? And if not what is the best pack for doing so?

As you can tell Xmas is coming and I wouldn't want her to get it wrong!

Thanks to all in anticipation.

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