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Default Re: William Joseph Mag Surge or fishpond waterdance

Yes the Surge will take just about anything you throw at it - there aren't any moving parts, and nothing made of metal.

The mag. closure is excellent, really strong and, in my experience (4 trips?) waterproof - as in, no water inside at all. If you were nervous, you could mount it as a chest pack.

In fact the only issue I've had is when deep wading across a channel I had to take it off and sling it across my shoulder as the ****** was overbalancing me because it was so buoyant

I may have said this before, perhaps on this thread, but I honestly can't think of another piece of kit I use for fishing that is as well designed for its purpose.

Could you carry a rod on it? Yep, I reckon so, with a bit of fiddling. A couple of ways - either use the elastic bungees at either side designed to hold bottles in the pockets, and strap it across the top using these (probably the most elegant solution). Alternatively perhaps use a length of velcro attached to the wide rear carry loop around the handle of lower section of your rod, perhaps?
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