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Default Re: Grayling from Winter rivers

I was going to go to the Avon yesterday however with the rain on Friday night I decided to give it a miss and venture out today as in theory the river should be dropping and clearing, the water temps would be rising after two days of warm temps - So much for the theory and planning

Got to the river with Klink and Dink set up took one look and did a U-Turn back to the car to swap my outfit for my nymphing rod and FL set up.

The river was heavily coloured and pushing through slightly. On getting back to the car park two other cars pulled up with Ben and Mark who'd drawn a blank further downstream and decided to change beats. It wasn't sounding very promising but we had a good chat, wished each other luck and I set off for the middle part of the beat while Ben and Mark headed for the top end.

To cut a long story short, I struggled throughout, cursed when I missed 2 bangs on the rod tip keeping too tight a line high sticking and then had the rod tip slammed down when a 3lb OOS BT took my peeping caddis a rod length upstream. It was a beautiful fish about 21 ins in excellent condition.

I also had 2 small grayling but that was it. Near the end I met up with Ben and Mark and Ben had had 5 fish on shrimps in out of one pool in short succession while Mark had managed 2 smaller fish.

I've never known the river fish as badly since I've been a member however visibility was down to 10 ins. In hindsight although I'm loath to use them, if I'd had some Squirmy worms I'm reasonably sure they would have made a difference.

The good news is that it wasn't dark when I got home at 16-45. There was a Blackbird singing the joys of spring this morning and there were LDO's and midge trickling off all day. Spring is just around the corner

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