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Default Re: Crucian catalogue published

Early morning, mid summer fish. I liked the way they lie still once netted or in the hand, great for beginners as easy to remove hook.
Once fished a water, catching crucians on the pole, grandad and little grandson (about 3 years of age) turned up and we chatted. I raced maggots for some amusement for the little one then caught a crucian, got him to wet his hands and hold the fish. No problem him putting it back, but when they came to leave, the little one threw a tantrum. The grandad said he was going to get back into fishing, I wonder if the little one did!
Also, best bait I found by accident were green betaine pellets for Koi carp soaked to soften for the hook. I bought them cheap from a garden center. I had other pellets with me and tried them, but the green betaine were what they wanted and also when I fished that pond afterwards.
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