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Default Re: Electric outboard motor batteries

Further to this, has anyone built a battery with the Li-ion 18650 cells? They have a capacity of around 3Ah. A group of 3 in series = 11.1 volts, 10 groups in parallel = a 30 Ah battery, simple! At a quid each only 30 plus 10 holders at about 1.50 each = 45. Weight would be about 5 lb. The only tricky bit I can see is charging them - how could you do it without dismantling the whole thing? Could you use a balance board with 10 inputs? Is there such a thing?
I am thinking out loud here because I weighed my Halfords 70Ah leisure battery yesterday and it weighs 39lb (18kg) !!! No wonder I am getting aches and pains
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