View Full Version : Vintage Tackle from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

  1. fine condition 1960’s Allcocks Match Aerial narrow drum centrepin reel
  2. collectors Swedish Abu Cardinal 44 Express in superb condition
  3. Farlows 175th anniversary 1840-2015 Celebration book
  4. Early B James Richard Walker Mk4 rod Ealing address green whipped trumpet handle
  5. Allcocks Lucky Strike cane river fishing rod full professional refurb stunning
  6. The Swallow Centre Pin reel Custom Tackle Ringwood ball bearing 4-1/2? fine condition
  7. vintage Hardy 3-1/2? all brass Birmingham pattern fly fishing reel
  8. Hardy Demon 5000 hi tech fly reel & spools boxed with case & papers
  9. Abu Ambassadeur 5600 AB multiplier reel thumb bar release little used
  10. Stunning B James Avocet whole cane butt cane rod fully refurbished
  11. Richard Carter Avon Classic Aerial Gem 1 0f 6 original reels in makers box
  12. vintage fishing salmon priest with cord handle and wrist strap
  13. vintage Wheatley leather fly fishing wallet with alloy plates great fly collection
  14. Finest J W Young Trudex centre pin trotting reel in black with line guide
  15. B James Richard Walker Mk4 cane carp rod in fine collector condition
  16. early Allcock wizard whole cane butt coarse river avon rod with gold logo & bag
  17. Allcocks Black Knight centre pin trotting reel in fine condition
  18. vintage 5? wood and brass frog back sea fishing reel with slater latch
  19. vintage Milwards Seafarer 6? mahogany & brass star back reel with transfers and stamps
  20. Allcock Marvel 4? alloy vintage fly fishing reel with O ring line guide
  21. W A Allcock Adonis 11? 3 piece cane river or barbel rod classic style
  22. Edgar Sealey Nufloat 11? cane barbel river rod in fine condition to use
  23. Sharpes of Aberdeen Brook 3-1/8? alloy trout fly reel with Patent brake adjuster
  24. rare Hardy Pall Mall 1892-1992 Centenary boxed set rod brass Perfect reel & case stunning No 53
  25. 1890s Hardy all brass 2-3/4? Birmingham reel with rod in hand & oval logos
  26. Ari T Hart AR/L high tech alloy fly reel 6/7 with spare spool & 2 original cases
  27. Modern Arms Coy 4 piece split cane river or barbel rod 9? & 10’6 with bag
  28. Tunbridge Wells Rod Coy 10? 2 piece split cane spinning or avon rod carp barbel
  29. Vintage Hardy Altex No 1 Mk4 spinning reel left hand wind bakelite spool & box
  30. LOOP Multi 8100 -3 carbon travel fly fishing rod line 8 with Bag and cordura tube
  31. English 4? mahogany & brass starback reel with Slater 4 screw drum latch
  32. Ari T Hart AR alloy trout fly fishing reel for line #3 with leather case
  33. 2 Wheatley alloy swing leaf pocket fly fishing boxes & hundreds of flies
  34. Milward Flycraft red agate trout fly fishing reel by J W Young 3-1/8?
  35. vintage French Mitchell 306 spinning reel with Prince logo to side plate fine condition
  36. rare vintage Hardy River Eden Palakona salmon rod engraved Reffitt ( reel maker?)
  37. rare J S Sharpe for Farlow The Elf 6’10” Impregnated cane trout fly rod with bag line 5
  38. vintage Pezon et Michell Parabolic Sawyer Still Water split cane rod in fine condition
  39. Drennan Series 7 11? Specialist Avon Quiver rod 2 tops 2 tips 1-1/2lb test
  40. Loop Opti Megaloop large arbout fly reel & spare spool & cases & lined & boxes
  41. Hardy Ultralite Disc Reel 7/8 and spare spool lines and Hardy Neoprene case
  42. vintage Mitchell 308 spinning reel with Prince foil logo to casing & spare spool
  43. Hardy Leather D shaped block leather reel case for Silex pattern reels
  44. Hardy Matchmaker 13? vintage fibreglass float fishing rod c 17970 with bag
  45. Hardy Simplex vintage folding trout landing net with original waxed mesh
  46. Bruce & Walker Hand Built Mk4 compound Taper S/U carp or pike rod with bag
  47. B James In Association with Bruce & Walker 13? CTMA hollow glass match fishing rod
  48. Hardy Sovereign 9’6? carbon trout fly rod line rate 7/8 with bag
  49. Grays of Inverness 15' three piece hollow bamboo dapping rod with brass ferrules
  50. vintage all brass trout fly fishing landing net with folding head & belt clip
  51. Greys of Alnwick 9? GRX carbon trout fly rod with bag & cordura tube
  52. Shimano Ultegra Fly 78 alloy reel with line backing case & makers box
  53. Orvis Battenkill Disc 10/11 with Spey fly line and makers padded case
  54. Bruce & Walker CTM9 vintage hollow fibreglass match ledger rod in super condition
  55. Sealey Glane The Spin vintage hollow glass salmon pike or carp fishing rod
  56. Hardy Altex No 2 Mk5 vintage fishing spinning reel with box
  57. W R Speedia de Luxe 4? wide drum vintage centre pin trotting reel & box
  58. Hardy Matchmaker 12 hollow glass float rod vintage classic with bag
  59. Allcock Redditch Hughes-Parry vintage 8? cane rod carp salmon spinning
  60. Stanton poss Reynolds, early ball bearing centre pin reel for collector or angler
  61. Kenny Kendal rare aerial style vintage centre pin trotting reel wide drum
  62. Daiwa Graphite CF 98 10’6? trout fly rod with Scottish thistle logo & bag
  63. Scottish Daiwa CF98 10’6? H carbon trout fly rod for lines 7/9 lake river or reservior
  64. Bruce & Walker XLT hand built Carbon 12? match fishing rod with bag
  65. Milwards Flycraft by J W Young 3-1/2? alloy trout fly fishing reel in brown
  66. Hardy canvas and leather game fishing walking or travel bag
  67. Hardy traditional canvas & leather salmon fishing bag or travel or walking
  68. Garcia Mitchell 324 French built spinnig reel with box and papers
  69. Hardy Altex No 3 MK 4 vintage spinning reel left hand wind
  70. Shakespeare International match 2660 vintage coarse fishing reel with case
  71. Hardy Alnwick vintage green pigskin multi fold cast & fly wallet with flies
  72. 2 English wood and brass Scarborough reels with Slater latches 5? & 7?
  73. Rod and line by Arthur Ransome. 1998
  74. The House the Hardy Brothers Built by James Leighton Hardy. 1998
  75. J W Young for Milward the Floatcast 4? rapidex style centre pin vintage reel in brown
  76. 2 English vintage Nottingham wood & brass starback reels with Slater latches & ratchets
  77. 2 Stanton Reynolds vintage 5? alloy ball bearing trotting reels, need tlc
  78. Walker Mk 4 Avon style 10? 2 piece green whipped split cane fishing rod in fine condition
  79. Hardy Marquis 7 alloy trout fly fishing reel with maker zip padded case
  80. Hardy Viscount Grey 10’6? Palakona fly fishing rod in little used condition with bag
  81. Richard Walkers personal Walkers Wonderful Wand 14? dapping fly rod & letter
  82. Richard Walker experimantal trout fly rod with Pat Walker letter & COA
  83. Fibatube of Alnwick 9? carbon trout fly rod by Dons of Edmonton London
  84. vintage Hardy No 2 AHE Wood 12? Palakona cane fly rod with two tops and bag
  85. Richard Walker’s own Apollo Ross tubular steel spinning rod with letter & COA
  86. David Norwich England 15? 4 piece carbon fibre salmon fly rod M400 light & powerful
  87. Sharpes Aberdeen Aquarex 12? three piece carbon fly rod for #7 line with bag & tube
  88. The Aquarex by Sharpes of Aberdeen 15? carbon salmon fly rod 3 pce line 10
  89. B. James & Son London, England Richard Walker Mk4 cane carp rod with bag
  90. Chapman Fred J Taylor Roach rod green whipped with fault rare rod
  91. Hardy the Itchen 9? Palakona cane trout fly rod with 2 tips bag & label
  92. Shimano Super Ultegra 9’6” 2 piece carbon trout fly rod for line 6/7 with 2 tips
  93. Hardy The Houghton vintage 1908 Palakona trout fly rod 2 tips and bamboo tube