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  1. Fly Fishing Forum Raffle - In aid of the BHF
  2. BHF Raffle - Tickets On Sale!!!
  3. Saltwater Flies In Aid Of The R.N.L.I.
  4. North Kent FDG Charity Tying
  5. May 18th Camel Fisheries Association C&R Fundraiser
  6. May 18th CFA fundraiser at Treemeadow Fishery
  7. Anglers Conservation 60th anniversary auction catalogue
  8. Tackle Raffle-last Call
  9. Tackle Raffle - The Results
  10. Bakewell Show Fishermans Walk Auction
  11. 999 competition prizes required
  12. CHAS Fundraising Competition at the Lake of Menteith
  13. North Atantic Salmon Fund
  14. Wild Trout Trust - Box of custom flies
  15. Scottish Youth Team Fundraiser
  16. Wild Trout Trust 2008 raffle
  17. MFA Auction
  18. Wharfedale Charities
  19. Auction in aid of the BHF
  20. How to start a charity auction?
  21. 2009 Wild Trout Trust Auction
  22. Wee Double Swap Auction in aid of CFR
  23. A day on the Spey
  24. Scottish international fly fishing teams
  25. Fundraiser for Scottish Disabled
  26. Scottish disabled fundraiser . Prizes and raffles
  27. Bamburgh Castle Abseil
  28. Fish for Charity
  29. River Erewash Foundation Tackle Auction
  30. Scottish Disabled Fundraiser Springwater Fishery 19/4/09 Thanks
  31. awwaffic
  32. Geordie Mankini for the RNLI
  33. Anglian water ticket winner
  34. England Youth lack of support
  35. Help For Heroes Competition
  36. Have Admin Gone Mad!
  37. Alex booth fly fishers charity match
  38. Charity Fishing Auction.....
  39. EYFA fly selections
  40. THE BIG FISH macmillan cancer support
  41. Fly Rod Race - Help for Heroes
  42. Trailwalker 2009 - Oxfam 100km Trek
  43. Wild Salmon Appeal
  44. Brookhall Raffle for Casting for Recovery
  45. Coast to Coast Ride for Kids Environmental Education
  46. 4 fish, 4 countries in 24hrs
  47. Casting for recovery raffle tickets for sale
  48. Scottish Ladies Fundraiser - Craufurdland
  49. Warren Slaney speaking in High Peak, Thu 01-Oct-2009
  50. On-Line Charity Auction
  51. Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland Brookhall Retreat Sep 2009
  52. Macmillan - Flyfishing support by Chatton Ladies teams
  53. Please support the EYFA
  54. Kirk and Skool day at the lake
  55. ladies and boys fundraiser loch fad
  56. Now available: Wandle Trust charity Christmas cards 2009
  57. Lawfield Kilmalcolm (Water Babies) Sun 29th Nov
  58. Scottish Disabled Team Fundrasier. Bangour
  59. England Youth Flyfishing Association Fundrasing Help Needed
  60. The Dalmore "Dee Dram"
  61. EYFA Fundrasing
  62. A day on Kielder with Don Coe
  63. Bonnybridge AC Film Night
  64. Thank You!
  65. EYFA Fundraising Lot 1
  66. EYFA Fundraising Lot 2
  67. charity bike ride .
  68. EYFA Fundraising Auction Lot 3 (270+ Flies In Wooden Box)
  69. Daniel Murray Age 6 Memorial Day
  70. Healing the Wounds
  71. Anglian Water ‘Helping the Heroes’ Pairs Match
  72. Help for the England Youth please!!!
  73. Framed Grayling Flies for Sport Relief on EBay
  74. (CHAS) Fly Fishing Competition
  76. Irish International Fly Fair
  77. Auction of Collection of Trout, Salmon and Coarse Equipment
  78. Lot 1. Fundraiser for Scottish World and European 2010 Teams
  79. Lot 2. Fundraiser for Scottish World and European Teams
  80. Lot 3. Fundraiser for Scottish World and European Teams
  81. Fish With The Stars 2010 - Spaces Available!!
  82. Join us at The Children's Trust fly fishing charity day at Lakedown - 25th May
  83. Raffle Prize- Scottish World and European Squad Flies
  84. Boatmen needed for the Youth National & International @ Grafham...Please!
  85. Aberdeenshire River Don Trust Charity Auction
  87. The big Fish for Macmillan Cancer support
  88. Ladies Fishing Event for Casting for Recovery Saturday 19 June
  89. Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland
  90. England Youth Team Fundraising - Fly Packs
  91. Please Read - Casting for Recovery - Brookhall Retreat 2010
  92. Tyne Fishing Festival at Lambley Farm, Haltwhistle
  93. Softmouth Trout Auction Fly Box
  94. Casting for Heroes Auction
  95. Community development project to create black fly-fishing guides
  96. North Esk Pert Beat
  97. Casting For Recovery 24hr tying Marathon
  98. Any Method Trout Fishing Competition at Hanningfield Reservoir on the 22nd August 2010
  100. FishDee Megastore
  101. ######-Tom Bilson Memorial Trophy-######
  102. Sea trout fishing in aid of Help for Heroes
  103. Monnow Fisheries Annual Auction 2010
  104. frame for auction
  105. Train of Hope for CLIC Sargent
  106. Win a LAW Bench Vice
  107. Wandle Trust charity Christmas cards
  108. Daniel Murray Age6 Memorial Day:
  109. Film Night fund raiser
  110. David Norwich Custom Built Rod Auction:
  111. David Norwich Custom Built Rod Auction for Daniel Murray Age 6 Memorial Day
  112. Scottish disabled team fundraiser
  113. Signed Glasgow Rangers Strip
  114. Atlantic Salmon Trust Evening - Feb 19th, Devon
  115. Burton Game Fishing & Fly Tying Festival
  116. Marie Curie and my 10k run
  117. REF Bring and Buy Auction
  118. Charity Auction
  119. Cast a Fly for Families for Children - National Appeal
  120. Wild Trout Trust online auction underway
  121. Arran View
  122. Daniel Murray Age6 Memorial Day Photo's‏
  123. The unfamousfly BIG Fish Raffle for MacMillan
  124. Chalkstream days for the Countess of Brecknock Hospice
  125. Eden Rivers Trust Wild Trout Weekender
  126. Big Fish charity night
  127. The Children's Trust Fly Fishing Charity day at Lakedown - Friday 20th May
  128. ###Boatmen needed for England Youth National Championships####
  129. Gardening Leave
  130. Irish International Fly Fair 2-3 July
  131. Fishing in BC Canada
  132. Fishing for Heroes compy jul 10th
  133. Scotland bank team 2011
  134. Very Special Auction - Gardening Leave (Veterans and Ex-Servicemen/Women)
  135. Fabulous Fishing Opportunity at auction
  136. A message from Gardening Leave
  137. Huge Thanks-Gardening Leave Auction
  138. Scottish 999 services comp 2011 HELP
  139. Tyne Fishing Festival Auction - Sept 25th
  140. Pedalo Challenge Loch Ness
  141. Fishing for heroes - blithfield, staffordshire
  142. Gardening Leave (again, sorry :o)
  143. Casting for Recovery Fundraising Competition at Farmoor - Sunday 22nd October
  144. Gardening Leave Action
  145. Scottish 999 Comp
  146. Scottish 999 comp results 2011
  147. Grommit is going hairy for Movember
  148. Aberdeenshire Dee Annual Auction 2011
  149. MRA Online Auction V 2011
  150. ## Quality flies for sale in aid of the England Youth Team ##
  151. Chrissy's quest...... A guided day on the River Skell.
  152. Chrissy's Quest.... Winter Grayling on the River Ure.
  153. Chrissy's Quest... Small Water Fishing.
  154. Flextec rod donation
  155. Wandle Trust charity Christmas cards 2011
  156. Charity Auction: Fifty Years on the Test by C. Ernest Pain
  157. 3rd Annual Daniel Murray Age6 Memorial Day 31st March 2012
  158. Draycote Raffle
  159. West Coast Scottish Team Fundraiser New Haylie
  160. #### Great Flies for sale in aid of the England youth team ####
  161. SSAFA Fly Fishing Fund Raising Event
  162. **Win a Hardy Zenith Sintrix Rod**
  163. An Auction for Gardening Leave
  164. Torture for a good cause...
  165. SDFFA Fundraiser.
  166. Scottish disabled team fundraiser arran view
  167. Wet Fly Tying Comp - Fly Auction
  168. Small Stream Reel auction for the EYFA
  169. England Loch Style Squad Day/Pro Am
  170. Cancer Research Wales - Annual Fly Fishing Championship Cup Competition - 20th May
  171. Salford Lads and Girls Club.
  172. ### Boatmen needed for England youth national - Pitsford 4th June ###
  173. Help to beat Blood Cancer at Carsington Charity Competition
  174. "Reel in some cash" at Fontburn Reservoir
  175. Whisky & Trout
  176. scottish bank team fundraiser Haylie brae
  177. Knut Syrstad Relief Fund
  178. Sea trout fly swap charity auction!!!
  179. 999 services comp prizes needed
  180. Horseback UK Charity for Ex-Servicemen and Women
  181. Horseback UK Charity for Ex-Servicemen and Women
  182. NASF Fundraising Auction Night, Oslo
  183. Second Horseback UK Charity - Bids are open!
  184. WTT Mo-vember
  185. Grommits tash returns for Movember!
  186. A huge thanks from HorseBack UK
  187. The British Heart Foundation and Manningford Trout Fishery
  188. Alex booth flyfishers annual charity match
  189. Scotlands disabled team fundraiser morton trout fishery
  190. Scottish Ladies Team Fundraiser
  191. 4th Annual Daniel Murray Age6 Memorial Day
  192. Monnow Rivers Association Online Auction VI
  193. Scottish Ladies fundraiser- Parkview Fishery
  194. Assistance to get youth activity off the ground
  195. Scottish National Loch Style Team FundRaiser NewHaylie Fishing Loch Largs
  196. Calder&Colne Rivers Trust Fundraising Day
  197. Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Team 2013 Fundraiser
  198. 2013 Monnow Social Fundraiser
  199. Raffle
  200. HorseBack UK Appeal
  201. Charity auction for Dunajec River - "Flyfishing weekend with professional guide"
  202. Charity Fly Fishing Day - May 17th - Lakedown Fishery in Sussex
  203. Reel Auction For RNLI (End 4 May)
  204. Fishing 4 Schools Fundraising Evening - September 21st 2013
  205. Northumberland County Blind Association - Charity Fishing Competition
  206. Charity Fly Fishing Event
  207. Bristol Water Fishing for Heroes, 20th July
  208. Just Giving Site - Breaking News....
  209. Wessex Chalk stream and River Trust Fund Raising
  210. Scottish Ladies Fundraising day out
  211. WaterAid Rutland Water 2013 - Boatmen Help
  212. Frensham Trout Fishery
  213. Welsh Dee Salmon Conservation Fund
  214. Enough is enough
  215. Scottish Disabled Team Fundraiser Millhall Trout Fishery
  216. SANA ladies fundraising event
  217. Fly Tyers for Causes auction for Spanish Charity
  218. Edinburgh Rotary charity Auction on eBay Clubbiedean Reservoir
  219. Team England Fly Fishing 2014 Auction
  220. Flufs sponsored slim Total
  221. Scottish Ladies Fundraiser
  222. Burton Game fishing and Flytying fesival 2014
  223. Auction of river flies for Cancer Research
  224. 1000th
  225. Thinking in holding a memorial in memory of my Dad?
  226. Eddie Higgins (snr) Memorial Sheild Date at The New Howwood fishery
  227. Monnow Rivers Association auction details
  228. Memorial fundraiser Raffle
  229. Prize for auction for my dad's memorial event
  230. A New Charity Auction Starts Today
  231. 5th Daniel Murray Age6 Memorial Day 29th March 2014
  232. Memorial list for my dad's event at new howwood
  233. Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust Auction: An Evening with Ian Botham
  234. To all who made my dad memorial
  235. HorseBack UK appeal
  236. Sale
  237. Scottish Disabled Team Fundraiser Borland Trout Fishery Cumnock
  238. LTC River Dry Fly 24 hour Auction
  239. Tyne Trial 2014 - Fishing for Heroes and Tyne Rivers Trust
  240. June and early July exclusive fishing days from WTT
  241. Nymph Fly Box Auction for ME Association
  242. The Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust fundraiser 2014
  243. Skb tackle sale in aid of Youth Flyfishing
  244. Salmon Fly Box w/ 33 flies Auction for Irish Cancer Society
  245. Snypes Trout Fishery
  246. Scottish ladies fly fishing team fundraiser
  247. Clubbiedean Annual Charity Competition
  248. Scottish Ladies Team Fundraiser Millhall Trout Fishery 25th October 2014
  249. The North Atlantic Salmon Fund Norway’s 10th Auction
  250. Guided days with England's top internationals