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  1. About 'Ear to the Ground'
  2. Ear To The Ground....Brown Trout closed season
  3. New law for compulsary return of coarse fish (including Grayling,Shad& Eel)
  4. New byelaws for commercial trapping of Eel
  5. Migratory only represented by EA in marine conservation.
  6. Law change- Reservoirs Act( snaring ponds)
  7. Mini hydro schemes
  8. National Strategy Change-EA
  9. Angling Research - UK
  10. Scottish fishery organisations distance themselves from Scottish Government report on
  11. Canoes are now ships !
  12. Have YOUR say EA open forum
  13. Please sign up to promote fishing in the run up to the General Election
  14. The Angling Trust
  15. BBC OPen Country Today 6:00 am
  16. Open letter to King of Norway re Salmon Farms etc.
  17. Angling Research - welcome!
  18. Water Framework Directive ...WFD..final
  19. River Trent Pollution, Cyanide **
  20. metalworks,blame for trent ??
  21. Our Rivers campaign
  22. Not All Salmon Are Created Equal
  23. Floods in Ireland
  24. All the fish in the river
  25. Vale Mr Jack Gartside - 1942-2009
  26. New Bye-Laws
  27. The financial cost of blue fin Tuna
  28. How Long Does it take for Ice to Melt???
  29. So who really cares? The potential descimation of a wild salmon & sea trout fishery
  30. Feeding trout
  31. White stoats
  32. Sheep dip /cypermethrin
  33. Aphalara itadori to be released to combat knotweed
  34. An Outright Ban !!! WTF ???
  35. Genetics - Ferox Trout or Primary Food?
  36. EU Quotas and Sea Fishing License
  37. 66 Year Old Granny fined & electronically tagged for selling Goldfish!
  38. Wild Fishing Forum are now elitest's
  39. Tick Prevention Week - 12th to 18th April 2010
  40. Your chance to have your say...
  41. Raw sewage pollutes Snowdonia mountain lake
  42. Major Welsh spawning trib fish kill
  43. EA to cease funding net buy-out on the River Camel in Cornwall
  44. The who's who of Fish Farming Meet-up...
  45. UK faces legal action from Europe over sewage pipes
  46. Angling Research Interim Reports Available
  47. Assynt Map and Surveys
  48. Major Exe tributary decimated
  49. Game Fair Access
  50. Environment Agency Wales - big changes afoot
  51. Great news for the Clyde.
  52. Canadian Pond weed
  53. Summer Water Temps in the UK?
  54. You're fishing in Montana and you forget to pinch down the barb on you hook.
  55. 2011 Licence Fee's.
  56. Richard Shelton Speaking Event
  57. * Environment * Wave, tidal and hydropower Severn green energy project loses government funding
  58. Tees Barrage Update
  59. Graffam Invasive Invasion - if it got there it may be with you!
  60. Tackling mine pollution
  61. Felt sole ban
  62. Spey Anglers Survey
  63. The Angling Trust Close Members Forum
  64. Connaught Meeting with CEO of IFI, 17th October
  65. Thames wins Thiess International Riverprize
  66. FERAC To End
  67. First East of England Freshwater Forum
  68. Killer Shrimp now in Taff
  69. Water firm admits polluting Llyn Padarn lake
  70. Consultation on a new water related recreation code of conduct for Wales
  71. CCW to protect Welsh river gravels from 'Gold diggers'
  72. How fishing can help the young
  73. Sea lice/farmed fish: A must follow thread from elsewhere.
  74. Fixed Penalty Notice- Fishing Fines
  75. Support the fish fight
  76. Killer shrimp Total Flyfisher
  77. Zebra Mussels not in TFF
  78. Morayflyfisher
  79. March 3rd Referendum in Wales - Implications for the Environment, EA Wales, and Fishing.
  80. Tyne Hatchery/ Pearl Mussels
  81. New angling byelaws guide
  82. Killer Shrimp! The cure?
  83. New Biosecurity details re. Killer Shrimp
  84. Migratory fish.another body blow.
  85. leadburn manor
  86. The Angling Summit
  87. salmon and trout association versus fish farming (scotland)
  88. Trap plan launched to help map Ďkiller shrimpí colonies
  89. Llamas help protect an ice-age fish
  90. Welsh Assembly Election - May the 5th - Party Manifestos on Access to Inland Waters
  91. Plane crashes into fishing lake in essex
  92. Hoping for some serious advice here please
  93. Disabled soldiers turned away
  94. Current 'my corner of the World.'
  95. I can assure you of the truth of the following.
  96. ladybower res
  97. bffi
  98. Council taken to court
  99. WUF in Honours List!
  100. Cormorant Watch
  101. Helpers wanted for the CLA Game Fair
  102. Scientists prove U.K Salmon Migrate to many different feeding grounds
  103. EA provides drought guidelines to river and lake fishery owners
  104. Campaign for sustainable salmon farming
  105. CEFF Westlow Mere bank final - cheap accomodation - Travalodge £10 room Sale
  106. Severn Rivers Trust Launch Pilot Passport
  107. Action On Mackerel Stocks
  108. EA declare British rivers "the healthiest for over 20 years".
  109. Sewage leak kills hundreds of fish at Swalecliffe Brook
  110. Rare seahorse found in the River Thames, London
  111. Salmon ... or Tuna Eating ...
  112. A major US Grocery chain steps up ... where did that fish come from?
  113. NEW SANA Website
  114. New site launched - FishActive - "The local voice of angling"
  115. The tax man cometh
  116. Heathrow sewage kills thousands of fish
  117. End Of An Era
  118. Electric-blue lobster found in Billingsgate fish market
  119. Natural Environment Framework (NEF) set to replace the Forestry Commission Wales (FCW), Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and the Environment Agency Wales (EAW) on 1 April 2013.
  120. New Scottish youth Team Sponsor
  121. New talks on plans previously shelved by the goverment on the Severn barrage
  122. Hardy Greys job losses
  123. Robbery @Chatton Fishery Northunberland
  124. Sana Open Meeting 15 Jan
  125. Salmon and sea trout destroyed by inshore fishing
  126. Public Liability Insurance
  127. Anglers Win Battle in 3 year War for Water Industry Transparency
  128. Fishing for Answers
  129. Bubba the Black Bear
  130. Richard Benyon MP Visits New Fish Pass and Wildlife Haven near Reading
  131. Hi-tech camera monitors migrating eels
  132. Pagham Harbour To Be Taken Over By RSPB
  133. Bexhill Sea Angling Festival - Dates Announced
  134. Time to Apply for Cash to Clean up your River
  135. Meeting time in Sussex this week
  136. Do You Want an Exciting Career in Angling?
  137. Sussex Fisheries and Biodiversity Partnership Projects
  138. EA South East Fisheries & Biodiversity Newsletter February 2012
  139. How can you help tackle invasive species on the Arun and Rother?
  140. Adur and Ouse Blog - the First Edition
  141. Angling Rolls Out Its Big Guns To Protect Fisheries From Cormorant Invasion
  142. Angling Trust Appoint New Regional Coordinator
  143. Plan to separate the Great Lakes
  144. Single Natural Resources body for Wales?
  145. Defra offers funds to help tackle aquatic invasives
  146. Angling Trust says drought is a wake up call for England's shrinking rivers
  147. Making Waves Seeks Two Project Officers
  148. A quieter week
  149. Sussex Stream Chubbing
  150. Water water everywhere ‚?? except when there isn‚??t!!
  151. Fracking poses huge risks for the Ouse Valley
  152. tripliods?
  153. Cormorant Campaign goes to Parliament
  154. Restoring a stillwater coarse fishery in Kent
  155. Romney Marshes Living Landscape Project
  156. Wild Trout Trust Auction 2012 Sussex / Kent lots
  157. Fish Live in Trees Too
  158. Welsh Water For Sale South East England
  159. Eel appeal
  160. Invasive Non-native Fish Investigation at Devon Fishery.
  161. Upcoming Deadlines for Restoration Fund Applications
  162. Job Vacancy - Wild Trout Trust Conservation Officer
  163. Take Part in the Thames Deep Clean 2012
  164. New MD at Fulling Mill
  165. 23,000 Tonnes of Rock for Medmerry Sea Defence Scheme
  166. Kids Sea Fishing Contests Heading to Kent
  167. New Season at Bewl Water Starts Soon
  168. The end of Fly Fishing at Hanningfield
  169. Loss of Trout Fishing on the Whiteadder.
  170. Adur and Ouse - The return after holidays and a logo!
  171. Angling Trust Building Bridges Project
  172. Water Restrictions Set for Start of April Across South East
  173. Two Vacancies - Kent and Essex IFCA
  174. Fly Fishing For Wild Trout
  175. Forum pages now lagging
  176. Crayfish Wars ‚?? Why the Americans are Winning
  177. A Very Fishy Film Location
  178. Waterside Wildlife - The Frog Chorus
  179. Gartmorn closed for 2012 by Argulus
  180. Reminder: Coarse Fish Close Season On Rivers Has Started
  181. Win a Day Boat Fishing With FishActive
  182. Drought advice for fishery managers from the EA
  183. SEPA Newsletter
  184. Adur and Ouse - a double whammy!!
  185. Penton Hook Spawning Channel Project
  186. Minister urged to halt spread of beavers carrying lethal parasites
  187. RAFTS & ASFB Annual Review 2012
  188. Take a Friend Fishing With Free 1 Day Rod Licence
  189. Angling Trust and Angling Development Board Merger Completed
  190. Waterside Wildlife - The Water Vole
  191. Sea Angling 2012: New online surveys launched
  192. Would appear you'll have salt water fish farms for the fore seeable future.
  193. Hosepipe Ban Begins in South East
  194. The Riverfly Partnership - Spring Newsletter
  195. New Angling Show set to Launch in 2013
  196. Mullet Fishing ‚?? The National Mullet Club want YOU!
  197. Good Deed or a reckless action?
  198. Interesting read ?
  199. Drought begins to hit Wales
  200. Angling Trust Calls for Water Use Restrictions
  201. Mr. Crabtree The TV Series
  202. South Esk turbines.
  203. Water Voles Out Of The Blue
  204. Angling Trust Tackles Coastal Litter With 'Just Take 5' Campaign
  205. River Arun Set To Benefit From Heritage Lottery Fund
  206. River Itchen Hydropower Scheme Withdrawn
  207. Droughtshout Debuts from South East Water
  208. Hooked on Fly Fishing at Arlington Reservoir
  209. Minister Opens Sussex Authority‚??s New Home
  210. Adur and Ouse ‚?? a ministerial mention and Sussex visit
  211. East Sussex Gets in The Olympic Spirit with Golden Maggot Angling Project
  212. Arlington To Host Beginners Fly Fishing Day
  213. All at Sea - Black Bream on the South Coast
  214. Return to Eden - A River Restoration Project in Kent
  215. Can You Help With Barbel Spawning Survey?
  216. National Fishing Month Coming This July/August
  217. Major fishing festival marks town‚??s angling centenary
  218. Native Crayfish - EA Make Releases
  219. Good news.
  220. No Plaice Like Home - Fishing off the Sussex Coast
  221. Fishery Improvement - Rye Dyke gets a Helping Hand
  222. The Angling Trust and Rivers Trust Conference
  223. The Big Upper Wye Clear Up Completed
  224. ‚??Forage fish‚?? identified as affordable and sustainable source of protein
  225. River Hydropower ‚?? More Consultation, Less Action
  226. Game Fishers Diary
  227. Saving Sussex Sea Trout
  228. Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiff Scheme Goes Live
  229. West Sussex Angling Academy Wins Lottery
  230. The Rivers Trust
  231. Have Your Say On The Future of the Tidal Thames
  232. Fish take precedence in innovative new flow regimes for hydro-river
  233. Click here to watch Sea Watch
  234. Click here to watch Coarse and Match Fishing
  235. Click here to watch The Carp Channel
  236. DEFRA publishes Draft Water Bill
  237. Mystery of the one-in-a-million 'Frankenstein fish'
  238. Carp Channel New Issue: FREE TO VIEW
  239. How You Can Save a River - Watch the Video
  240. The Clyde - A 'New Vision'
  241. River Exe - Thorverton area
  242. Beavers and Us
  243. How Fishing Can Help Troubled Teens
  244. A Cautionary 'Tail'
  245. Sturgeon illegally stocked in SW Wales
  246. Well, well, well ... Sage Rods wins another Award.
  247. South East Water still in drought ‚?? so restrictions stay in force
  248. Killer Shrimp
  249. Just my .02 cents, but I've read really 'stupid' in your Press...
  250. Weir Pool Dangers for Anglers