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  1. Favourite books.
  2. The Accidental Angler - By Charles Rangeley-Wilson
  3. On Fishing - Brian Clarke
  4. complete angler
  5. salar the salmon
  6. The View from Rat Lake - By John Gierach
  7. The Habit of Rivers.
  8. Trout and salmon Magazines - 1960's - 1980's
  9. For someone new..
  10. A Good Book for Stalking ????
  11. best modern grayling title
  12. RESERVOIR TROUT,a boat fishers guide
  13. Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland
  14. Brook & River Trouting - missing pages
  15. Loch Leven book.
  16. books for beginners?
  17. The Incomplete Angler
  18. Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing
  19. New Collectors Book
  20. Yorkshire flies.. T.E.Pritt bargain
  21. fishing blogs
  22. The Trout , W.E.Frost & M.E Brown
  23. Trials and Triumphs of an Angler
  24. The loch fishers bible/stan headley
  25. Flies (pictures)
  26. specific books
  27. The Art of Dapping/J.Johnston Mann
  28. The Source - Tasmania DVD
  29. copies of Sidney Spencer books wanted
  30. Book Values/Scotland
  31. Flytyers Of The World
  32. tales of a water bailiff
  33. Casting at the Sun, Chris Yates
  34. Caught By The River
  35. newbee
  36. A guide to North country flies and how to tie them by Mike Harding
  37. The Flies that Catch Fish
  38. Fly tying book for Rainbows
  39. the complete angler
  40. My 8.30 surprise
  41. Christmas book - any suggestions?
  42. Rivers & Lochs of Scotland
  43. Salmon by A Oglesbe
  44. 1st editions for crimbo
  45. Beginners fly tying book?
  46. Thanks to Coch-Y-Bonddu Books
  47. Fogg - Wet Fly fishing
  48. Ron Holloway
  49. Secret Flies of the Czech and Slovak FlyTiers
  50. Nymph Fishing, A History of The Art and Practice
  51. Salmon fishing in the yeman
  52. My Christmas books.
  53. Monnow Social into literature?
  54. Tactical Fly Fishing - J. Lucas
  55. Jon Swarbrick list of Wharfedale flies
  56. TM's Christmas List
  57. Coch_y_Bonddu Books
  58. Can you name this book?
  59. The Game Fishers Year by Charles Bingham
  60. Lets Fish Again by Bert Sharpe
  61. Fishing a Highland Stream (a love affair with a river) by John Inglis Hall
  62. New Books No Soul?
  63. Waterlog nag
  64. Cheating?
  65. Masterclass??
  66. The Forgotten Flies of Roger Woolley
  67. Tactical Pike Fishing - Ladle & Masters
  68. looking for a book
  69. 'Fisher in the Hills' by Robin Ade
  70. Single-Handed Spey Casting
  71. Basic entomology and fly guide
  72. I know a good place
  73. Richard Walker: Biography of an Angling Legend
  74. Book on casting
  75. Successful Reservoi Fly Fishing Techniques - by Adrian Freer
  76. The River Suir - A Blue Riband River for Trout & Salmon Fishing by John Lalor
  77. Here and There a Lusty Trout by T.A. Powell
  78. Allcocks Anglers Guide 150th Anniversary Edition
  79. Trout and Salmon
  80. Where to Fish
  81. Lefty Kreh On Casting
  82. The Compleat Mystery
  83. Whats on your reading list?
  84. Book collections
  85. "Alive on a Rainy Day" by Geoffrey Bucknall
  86. Best/favourite Nymphing book?
  87. Somewhere down the crazy river
  88. Loch Fishing
  89. Out of copyright books, e.g. 'Brook and River Trouting'
  90. Books books books
  91. Stream/Small river book
  92. Is the internet killing good books ?
  93. The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles: A Trout Fisherman's Guide
  94. Beginners guide to river fishing?
  95. Yorkshire Dales Anglers Guide
  96. The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch
  97. Mr William Blacker
  98. The Accidental Angler.
  99. The Alaska Chronicles
  100. Old book about Monsal Dale
  101. I need a bookbinder
  102. New fishing e-mag
  103. Falkus Life on the edge
  104. 'Trout Hunting' the pursuit of happiness
  105. After Big Game in the Upper Yukon
  106. Sparse Grey Hackle
  107. Blood Knots: Radio 4 Book of the Week
  108. Books from a flea market
  109. Fly Fishing River Specific Books
  110. Please recommend a field guide to trout flies
  111. Skues books
  112. Little Book on How to Fish Traditional Hackled Flies
  113. Snapper fishing
  114. Days and Nights of Game Fishing - W.B. Currie
  115. At the Loch of the Green Corrie
  117. French Nymphing DVD's or Books
  118. Pocket dictionary of trout flies?
  119. Listen to the river
  120. Oh I hope this is the right place to put this.
  121. First Edition Halford or First Edition Skues for
  122. SnakeRiver Books
  123. Book find.
  124. "Fishing Small Flies" by Ed Engle
  125. WC Stewart - The Practical Angler FOC!!!!!
  126. THE Granger Book available for pre-order
  127. must have books
  128. Hmmm
  129. This Month's Fly Fishing and Flytying...
  130. Do any of you out there do twitter?
  131. Pavlov's Trout: The Incompleat Psychology of Everyday Fishing
  132. A poem on Sea Trout on the fly
  133. Any recommendations for books on brook/stream fishing?
  134. Brilliant quote from Sidney Spencer
  135. Books on entomology
  136. A dream of jewelled fishes by John Ashton
  137. Vintage sporting books. Where do I go from here?
  138. Looking for a 1st edition of karel krivanec
  139. Ebay Bargains of late
  140. Fly-Tying with Harold Howorth By Douglas C. Townsend
  141. Observer book of Fly Fishing
  142. Complete Angler
  143. McGuane Live Water
  144. Books for my Birthday
  145. Dai Lewis-Nyng Nghysgod Dai
  146. The Glory Days of the Giant Scarborough Tunny, Mark Ross
  147. Blood Knots
  148. fly patterns
  149. Catskill Flytier: My Life, Times and Techniques
  150. Dapping: The Exciting Way Of Fishing Flies That Fly, Quiver, And Jump
  151. Big two-hearted River (link)
  152. John Astons new book
  153. The Doomsday book of giant Salmon Vol 2
  154. The Book of the Hackle
  155. Hends Czech Nymphing Book and DVD
  156. How to catch them series
  157. Book recommendations please for a novice
  158. Highly recommended fly tying books
  159. book question
  160. Book Launch "IRISH RISE" by Dennis Moss
  161. Plu stiniog
  162. 'Chalkstreams - Fishing the Perfect River' - Any good?
  163. Chalkstream: Fishing the perfect river
  164. Lou Steven's.
  165. The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing
  166. Classic texts on archive.org
  167. anybody read this
  168. Where the Bright Waters Meet??
  169. Looking for a book on British mammals
  170. Harry Middleton
  171. The orvis guide to tackle care and repair by Ted Leeson
  172. Tying Glass Bead Flies
  173. Poem..
  174. Pink vixen red fox fur
  175. Any ideas please?
  176. Divers Ways to Tackle Trout
  177. Book on Fishing Montana
  178. Grayling News Issue 26 Spring 2003
  179. Fishing Loch Awe
  180. Fly Dresser Back Issues
  181. Keeper
  182. Solo Voce
  183. Night Fishing on the Beaverkill
  184. Looking for America's Fly Lines
  185. A Reference Book of English Trout Flies
  186. Salmon & Seatrout. 1898
  187. Atlantic Salmon Magic
  188. In Search of Silver
  189. A Pictorial Guide to the British Ephemeroptera
  190. Something to read on holiday?
  191. Mayflies: Top to Bottom
  192. The longest silence
  193. The loch fishers bible by Stan Headley
  194. Historical books
  195. Waterlog Magazine
  196. Tying classic wetflies by Don Bastian
  197. An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World
  198. An evening with RCW and Chris Yates...
  199. North Wales fishing booklets
  200. What is the best fly fishing book in the World?
  201. Treatyse on Fysshynge with an Angle
  202. more recent publications
  203. Rod and River. Major AT Fisher.
  204. The Lost Rivers of London
  205. Beneath the Black water
  206. Recommendations for good general fly-fishing (UK - esp. Scotland) book for a one-season newbie :)
  207. first edition - brook and river trouting
  208. Rereading a good one
  209. Trout Bum
  210. Fly Fishing the Welsh Borderlands
  211. Fishing books for Kindle?
  212. Classic Safari, Shikar, and other sporting/adventure books
  213. Snowdon stream
  214. This look's like a good read
  215. ....fishing with harry ................
  216. Grayson's new book ?
  217. Atlantic Salmon Magic the book
  218. A guide to River trout flies
  219. whats the book called?
  220. The Sotheby's Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout
  221. In search of ... two books about the Kola
  222. Wet Fly Fishing by E.M.Tod info please
  223. boat fishing book/dvd
  224. Fishing in Canada
  225. High Book Price
  226. Help identify a book please
  227. Stolen books
  228. More books from a Flea Market
  229. I wrote a book...
  230. Three collectable publications
  231. Hugh Falkus question- ANOTHER one!
  232. River fishing books
  233. Advice for a newbie to the fly fishing scene,on a good book
  234. Looking to dispose of my collection
  235. 80yrs young
  236. Going Fishing
  237. What is the book ?????
  238. Two very useful pattern books.
  239. Got it!
  240. Alta Fishing
  241. Davy McPhail
  242. Fishing book bargains
  243. The Trout Diaries
  244. A Passion for Angling
  245. Fishing Article
  246. bibliography
  247. Barter Books of Alnwick
  248. Perfect 'stocking filler'
  249. Lovely programme on Radio 4
  250. Evening Of Passion