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Thread: Late swallows.

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    Default Late swallows.

    On my way to the Salmon fishing today.I park in a farmyard.and though Pinkfeet geese and fieldfairs/redwings were overhead.there were 15-20 swallows still hawking in the fields round the farm.

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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    Possibly migrants coming south from further north.
    I was fishing on the Beauly a few years ago, around this time. All of a sudden I was aware of around thirty or so martins skimming the river surface after about twenty minutes they had all gone again.
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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    We still have a few 5-6 out of maybe 50-60.

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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    Drifting across Farmoor last week and there were 30 or 40 Martins hawking on the water. As said above, probably migrating from further north.

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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen any in Moray.
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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    In South Kerry Ireland last couple of weeks the swallows are gone replaced by Geese in the fields

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    Default Re: Late swallows.

    Was out on Chew Valley earlier this week which proved to be extremely good with 15 quality trout to the boat for me and my pal and espied half a dozen Martins hawking the water after a hatch of Grenadier type buzzers.

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