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    Default Re: Mass Starling deaths

    Quote Originally Posted by spudgun View Post
    I have a theory with badger's, that in winter nutrients, minerals, trace elements, are hard to come by and that badger's etc will scoff up the rock salt that's used to keep the roads free of ice.
    I don't know about badgers, but deer definitely do this. It's not unusual to see a number of deer appearing to be grazing in the road in front of my house (they're actually licking salt.) Of course, there are always deer corpses along the road, but they were clearly hit by motorists.

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    Default Re: Mass Starling deaths

    Definitely most animals need these minerals, elements especially in winter. The sparrow's have over the years nearly eaten away a stone from a wall on my house. They seem to go for the darkest of stones obviously they are getting something from this one type of stone. The other year we found something had been grazing on the bark from the bottom of Beech trees in woods that were planted around thirty years ago, I set up a wildlife camera and found it to be fallow deer, to help with the problem we put down horse salt licks, these worked a treat, the deer left the tree's alone long enough for spring to arrive and natural supplements to grow.

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