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  1. Goldenloch C&R day session 24/10/2019

    Up to the Goldenloch cold but pleasant day with just a soft wind Water clarity 5 feet . The odd fish moving about . Out at 10.00 did:rolleyes not touch or catch a fish till 12.30 .Nice fighting rainbow at 3lbs . Off the loch to have my lunch and a blether with other fishers who had not touched any . Back to the spot I caught the fish 5 minutes later I am into another I stayed in the area between the point on the far bank and the flag Fish were at four feet ended up catching 5 and losing 3 with ...
  2. Stenhouse Reservoir C&R 4 hour day session 22/10/2019

    A cold Tuesday on the loch ,warm welcome in the Bothy from Sandra and a warm cup of tea before I went out .Cold west wind blowing 3 boats on the water. Ended up with 2 rainbows and lost 2 One boat got 7 other boat got two . Did not see a fish all day the fish I caught and lost were taking deep on Damsel lures
    Fish were caught east of the Island towards the 3 bushes .
  3. pictures of brown trout

    Quote Originally Posted by hill loch gold View Post
    A couple of troot from hill lochs the other week there
    nice fish I'm really interested where that loch is, as the top fish looks like the "extinct" gillaroo loch trout illustration.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images Damage advice-2cd4cab2-876e-4276-9858-d715e7a24aea-jpg 
  4. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 48

    (… in which the names of the participants are pseudonyms in an effort to be as inclusive to others as possible, attempting to obtain the widest readership. I will be grateful for any comments the reader cares to make; alternatively, please complete the ‘Rate this entry’ element of this page, Thanks).

    [about trout fishing] “… you don’t have to be very good at it to have a great time doing it. This capacity to be at peace with your mediocrity is high on the list of secrets of happiness. ...
  5. Peter Stone Farstrike Rod - Appears new.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chappie View Post
    I made a section as suggested and was reasonably pleased with it however I have now found the original section (great stuff) when having a major tidy up.
    Obviously I never knew I had it as I bought the rod as part of a large bundle of all sorts of items from a wholesaler that was in recievership. This rod appears brand new and I'm curious about the word "Speciman" on it. Is it possible that refers to it as a salesmans sample ? Your thoughts please. As this no longer