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  1. RWFF Litter Pick on Sunday 6th March

    Bacon Butties at the lodge and then a treck with a bin bag......lets hope for good weather.....
  2. Sailing club bay

    Location: Sailing Club Bay bank opposite club
    Wind: W 5

    Cold wind off back. Fished the point opposite the sailing club around almost to the point of the bay. Angler leaving said that the previous night (warm) there had been a lot of fish topping and fishing was great, however, he hadn't had any pulls at all in about 3 hours.

    Got a few pulls on a black and G tad (slow Glass) then 1 fish. Kept getting quite a bit of interest ...
  3. Rutland Bank Fishing 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by awwaffic View Post
    Old Hall tonight. NE Wind. Fished hall end of bay and picked up 1 fish on floater, it took a cruncher on the dropper (black taddy on the point). Slow fig 8 and near bottom (not very deep here only 6-8ft. 4 other anglers on the Old Hall point picking up a few fish but very slow.

    Dropped into the bay near the car parks and took 3 fish in quick succession. Fishing 4-5ft deep but pulling a black & green taddy quite quickly mixing in a fig 8 retrieve. Then they switched off.