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Gnat time
The LDO olive hatches have tailed off on the
streams of Cornwall now.
The main hatch of the year (On Cornish streams)-The Black gnats,have got the fish moving.Also seeing some swarms of the smaller midge later in the day.
It's easy to see why the swarms of gnats hovering just above the water, get the trout feeding so well,it's their numbers!!

Using silk on Glass,fishing a tiny stream,this 10 incher was rising regularly to the Gnats

  1. Nice stream brown

    Spring in full swing now on the rivers and streams
    This 10 inch Cober Brown fought very well on my light outfit.
    Also playing about with a 1wt outfit,light lines are fun.

    Updated 15-05-2015 at 05:07 PM by canefly