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  1. Meeting Paddy

    Meeting Paddy
    Well I was back in Ireland at the old manís house, and along with us Terry a long-time friend of the family.
    We had some good craic on the 500 mile drive from Cornwall bets flying on the first salmon and the heaviest, and me bragging as up until this point I was the only one who had caught salmon on the fly, even though my father had caught more than I am ever likely too.
    Anyway the day after arriving Terry was off down the Bonet but the water just wasnít right ...
  2. Daunting loughs of Ireland

    Daunting loughs of Ireland
    Lough Melvin
    My father had bought a cottage on the bank of the river Bonet in Ireland in 1990 and it was my first trip over and ventured out for a look at the loughís Iíd heard so much about.
    Being an angler who was only used to small rivers, Stillwaterís or 200 acre stocked reservoirs at most; it came as a daunting shock to see the vast expanse of water facing me! As I looked up across Lough Melvin from the shore of Garrison in Co Fermanagh.