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  1. Fishing near Leon, Spain

    Hi all, just thought I'd share some info on a great guide we found in the Leon area of Spain. His name is David Garcia Ferreras. I did not know it at the time I booked him, but he was the 2018 World Champion of Fly Fishing - needless to say, he knows what he is doing. We spent a great day with him on the Curueno River. He is very knowledgeable and knows the rivers of Leon well. Also, the high speed AVE train is now connected from Madrid to Leon so it is really easy to get there. My wife was ...
  2. Most comfortable waist, or thigh, waders

    I have taken up fly fishing this year at the age of 72. I am only fishing in a small river and have little need to wade to more than a few feet in depth. I bought some waders and have now found out just how much I sweat in these. Just been thinking that I should probably consider waist or thigh waders which would be cooler?? Is that the case and, if so, can someone recommend some sensibly priced ones?
  3. Maybe a cat among the pigeons, but ... lead?

    Quote Originally Posted by vital View Post
    Here is a letter I sent to one of the leading UK fly tying and fly fishing magazines which they chose not to publish. Now I'm not into conspiracy theorising or any of that stuff, nor do I want to alert the antis any, but I think the question I'm asking is both pertinent and relevant, so here's what I asked. (Make up your own theories of why it was ignored .. although you get used to it after a while!):
    Something has been troubling me for many a moon now. It's really just a niggle, a recurring
  4. Golden Loch near Newburgh 4th June 19 C&R session

    Its a while since I posted my days out ,time to get back in harness . Arrived at the loch 2 boats on the water perfect day with fish rising all over but playing hard to get .
    Fished the dries for a while without any interest , changed to dial bachs and started getting knocks . Water is not as clear as it usually is . Put a red buzzer on the middle fly and hit a nice rainbow first cast . Day continued with knocks and follows at the end of the day I had caught 3 fish lost 2 and had plenty ...
  5. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 45

    (In which the names are pseudonyms in an effort to be as inclusive to others as possible, in order to obtain the widest readership. I will be grateful for any comment the reader cares to make; alternatively, please complete the ‘rate this’ element of the page. Thanks.)

    “… breathless and steaming from the endless uphill exertion that is my life.” – Bill Bryson, ‘Neither Here Nor There’

    Consider the amazing technological, science-driven advances of the last two-hundred ...
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