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  1. Linlithgow Loch 11/10/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    A surprisingly calm day without the winds of the previous week, although we did expect some strong gusts but they never materialised, and conditions couldn't have been much better for a great days fishing.
    Unfortunately the loch has not been fishing very well of late and it wasn't much better for us in terms of returns.We had 8 anglers out and 8 fish was our total catch.
    Everyone struggled to find fish and if it hadn't been for a late flurry the total would only have been 4.
  2. Stenhouse 02/10/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Strong wind from the North just on the limit for cancelling our outing made this an extremely challenging day.
    Only 4 of our members could make it and it was a struggle.Attempting to drift with the drogue wasn't an option
    but with two anchors we were able to fish without moving.(much)
    Jimmy and Gordon managed their limit using sinking lines,FAB's and snakes doing the damage
    Wilson and big Rab found it a bit more difficult to sit in one place but still managed ...
  3. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, episode 37

    The names of the participants are disguised, all else is factual, (but you should know that by now).

    Life is not about finding yourself
    Life is about finding fish

    RANT: Just back from a two-family holiday in north Devon and here is a new fact (based on driving both ways) - it now takes much longer to drive one-hundred-and-sixty point something miles cross-country than it did twenty years ago. Progress? I think its more a case for the phrase containing the words ...
  4. Frandy 06/09/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Good conditions for our outing today with a light breeze coming from the North West,overcast with spells of sunshine and heavy showers throughout.
    Most of our anglers were on midge tips and floaters as the fish were in the top few feet of the water.
    Wilson and Tim were the top boat of the day catching their limit and returning at least a dozen fish,floating lines,cormorants and buzzers being their best flies
    Greig also bagged up with floating line,damsels and snakes ...
  5. Lake of Menteith27/08/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Overcast and a gentle Westerly breeze with some light rain at times gave us great fishing conditions and we were not disappointed.
    All our anglers had an eventful day on the Lake and everyone went home happy with nobody getting a blank.
    Wilson and Andra started out in International Bay where Wils bagged up before noon before moving to Gateside and Andra got his brace
    Gordon and Jimmy were also in International Bay early on getting 3 in the boat before heading to Gateside ...

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