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  1. WTT and great fishing!

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    Hi everyone,
    Every year the Wild Trout Trust provides the opportunity to bid for a day's (or more) fishing that you would not ordinarily be able to access, in their annual auction. The money they raise provides much needed funding for the very important work they do to benefit our native trout and therefore us fisherpersons.
    This year I managed to secure a day's fishing for two rods on Devon's rivers Creedy, Yeo, and Taw, all Crediton Fly Fishing Club waters. Our guide for the day
  2. Goldenloch near Newburgh Fife 19/06/2018 C & R day session

    On the water at 9.30 ,wind from the south west cloudy with patches of sun ,temp 14C water clarity 4 feet . 1st boat on the loch and I have the place to myself . I fish the middle of the loch for half an hour with floating line and a green damsel on the Tail I get a few follows and a couple of knocks but no takes . The osprey comes over and I watch in admiration as he takes a 2lb rainbow out of the water at the top end . I take the boat up and decide to fish buzzers and emergers ,good choice a hard ...
  3. 16.06.18

    Still living on cloud nine from Tuesdays fishing, I had the pleasure of going again in the same week on Saturday, but this time I had the pleasure of taking my father-in-law for a few hours.
    The weather was over-cast with a few spots of rain and quite windy which was good for me as I wanted to practice casts in not ideal conditions.
    I lent him my Snowbee Diamond II rod whilst I had the Greys GR50 and Airflo 40+ line. He started with a dry elk hair sedge, and I was using the damsel ...
  4. Frandy. 13/06/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    We haven't fished this cracking reservoir as a club for quite a few years,but I have no doubt that it will be on our list for next season. A fantastic day for most of our anglers with lots of smash takes by hard fighting fish. (even the smaller ones gave a great account of themselves before coming to the net.) All our boats that ventured to the far end of this idylic water were rewarded with a magical day of top of the water fishing on nymphs and dries,contrasted by the guys in the main basin and ...

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  5. Rutland 29th May-2nd June,(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Our annual foray down South was another great success,we fished Rutland water, Eyebrook and Ravensthorpe reservoirs in that order.
    The weather kept the tally down a bit as after the sun burnt through the morning mist, and the light breeze dropped to a flat calm with a mirror surface on the water,
    the offers were few and far between. (for most of us mere mortals)
    Bucking the trend was JJ with a total of 30 fish to the net and not too far behind was Andy with 25. ...

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