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  1. Linlithgow Loch 07/08/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    It was a bit dreich as wee tackled up for our annual all day session, a slight breeze for most of the day with sunny intervals did not tempt the fish out of hiding.
    The canada weed is still prolific and the water was very coloured and it was nigh on impossible to fish any where else but the middle of the town bay.
    Needless to say it was very difficult fishing with all anglers getting a limited amount of offers.Highlight of the day was going to the Post office at lunchtime and having ...

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  2. Loch Lomond, Ness and Orkney


    I've been documenting my recent fly fishing experiences and whilst I've not finished, you can read to date here;

    Loch Lomond to Loch Ness
  3. Brown trout

    Looking for recommendations of where to fish for brown trout only alloa central belt area willing to travel up to an hour hour and a half thanks
  4. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 35

    The names of the Fluff Boys (members of the Fluff Club) are pseudonyms, the rest is factual.

    "I never go to rivers to kill trout,
    I go to un-kill parts of myself that otherwise might die"
    -Nick Lyons, 1974

    A Fab Four of us turned out to John O'Gaunts trout fishery, probably missing at least three stalwarts away vacationing, its that time of year after all. We visited this fishery in blog episodes 20, 23, & 32; previously we came here ...
  5. Glensherup 19/07/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Another really hot sunny day with little or no wind for most of the session.However, 3 of our anglers managed their bag limit and the other 3 got 1 apiece
    JJ and Danny were fishing DI5'S then DI7's with boobies,JJ catching his limit then releasing another 3 with boat partner Danny netting 1
    Jim and Rab had a similar result with Jim bagging up and Rab getting his only one,a cracker at 3lb+ both fishing midge tip lines with buzzers
    Brian and Gordon strangely ...

    Updated 20-07-2018 at 08:16 PM by gordi

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