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  1. Peter Stone Farstrike Rod - Appears new.

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    I made a section as suggested and was reasonably pleased with it however I have now found the original section (great stuff) when having a major tidy up.
    Obviously I never knew I had it as I bought the rod as part of a large bundle of all sorts of items from a wholesaler that was in recievership. This rod appears brand new and I'm curious about the word "Speciman" on it. Is it possible that refers to it as a salesmans sample ? Your thoughts please. As this no longer
  2. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 47

    (... in which the names of the participants are pseudonyms in an effort to be as inclusive to others as possible, attempting to obtain the widest readership. I will be grateful for any comment the reader cares to make; alternatively complete the 'rate this' element. Thanks.)

    "As the angler looks back he thinks less of individual captures than of the scenes in which he fished" - Grey of Fallodon.

    Today's venue was a late substitution, because the scheduled ...
  3. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 46

    (In which the names are all pseudonyms in an effort to be as inclusive as possible, in order to attain the widest readership; everything else is true.)
    A right old hiatus, eh? Maybe I should call these blogs ‘intermittent’ rather than ‘continuing’ adventures. The fact is, the last two scheduled outings were called off: firstly, the fishery announced it had closed down (again), then in the second month only two Fluff Boys were available to make the trip to Farmoor, so they cancelled on the ...

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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club
  4. Lake of Menteith well on form 14/08/19 Day session

    Arrived at 9.00 to sample the excellent bacon rolls . On a day with little wind and not much rain it was one of the best days fishing this year for the 4 of us .Fishing mainly from the reeds on the right hand side out past the cages we hoovered up 29 fish between the 4 of us . The fish were lying 2 feet below the surface and taking dry and Diahl Bachs . Hardly a quiet spell all day ,what more can I say ......Superb!
    The only downside was one engine packed in and we had to tow the other boat ...
  5. Name that stillwater!

    Loch Rusky?
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