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  1. Spice: a safer option to picric or dye.

    I'll not get curried away with this as I believe the range of colours available to me are limited. But, the couple of results I've achieved so far have been better than good.

    The deepest yellow obtainable outside of a very strong dye bath and a brown olive to compliment the former are two most acceptable colours for any traditionalist and both by way of a combination of spices.
    The process is a tad fussy, at least the way I've gone about it anyway, though I hope there's another ...
    Geoff's stuff
  2. Lake of Menteith 25/10/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    A light South Westerly breeze for most of the day and little rain made for good fishing conditions on our last outing of the season.
    The expected bonanza at Gateside just a few days after the ropes were lowered didn't happen,but most of our anglers enjoyed the day with some decent bags at the weigh in
    27 fish were caught for 65lb with 3 bag limits all caught on a variety of lines and the best flies were cormorants fished washing line style with candy boobies on the point.Wilson ...

    Updated 09-12-2018 at 01:03 AM by gordi

  3. Golden Loch near Newburgh 23/10/18 C&R session

    High winds in Dunfermline ,with Stenhouse shut we head up to The Goldenloch and sure enough just a small ripple on the water . Temp 6C the sun is shining and their is a gentle breeze from the west ,the water clarity is crystal clear . This is a sheltered loch from east /west winds and we often find that it is fishible when others are closed . We have a blether with John Nicol before we venture out . There are fish moving but we do not find the answer for an hour . Small red and black snatchers ...
  4. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 38

    (In which the names of the Fluff Club crew are pseudonyms, but everything else is real).

    The four mature 'lakes' and the stretch of the River Dun which wends through them make this probably Hampshire's most beautiful small stillwater fishery. With the additional colours from autumns cloak it looked stunning, despite the sheets of rain doing their best to obscure everything. The Fluff Club last visited Holbury Lane Lakes in episode24, and before that in 3, 14, and 19. The rain hammering ...
  5. Linlithgow Loch 11/10/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    A surprisingly calm day without the winds of the previous week, although we did expect some strong gusts but they never materialised, and conditions couldn't have been much better for a great days fishing.
    Unfortunately the loch has not been fishing very well of late and it wasn't much better for us in terms of returns.We had 8 anglers out and 8 fish was our total catch.
    Everyone struggled to find fish and if it hadn't been for a late flurry the total would only have been 4.

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