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  1. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 42

    (In which the names of the Fluff Boys are pseudonyms, in hope of the widest appeal to the readers; everything else is factual).

    "Sqeezin' every drop of what's left of my time
    Jumpin' on tomorrow before it goes by"
    - Blackberry Smoke

    It felt so good to get out of the sleeping house, I just don't know why we have to run the central heating on the 'solar flare' setting, nor why we have to have so many lights on at once that there are aeroplanes ...
  2. the SecretAngler blog

    Found your blog, read your posts, generally found them well written and succinct. Without meaning to be self indulgent, I have a blog (on which I repeatedly ask for comments, without receiving very many), on Fly Fishing co UK's Forum, using the pseudonym vital, very much an amateur writer, but you probably can guess that I have a separate project, a book. The style of the book is quite different from the blog, which is really an attempt just to get some feel of how my 'scribblings' are being considered, ...
  3. trout lake or fisheries for sale or rent

    Hi me and my brother are try to find unused lake's ponds or fisheries to possible buy rent or lease something we always wanted to do but never got around to it any help would be much appreciated . we was told about 1 in Newport cwm hedd bit can or get any contact details
  4. A wee yin for the salmos

    Quote Originally Posted by richfish1 View Post
    Really nicely tied [emoji108][emoji106]

    Respect to all Fly Fishers....
    Thank's rich
  5. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 41

    (In which the names of the Fluff Boys are pseudonyms in hopes of the widest appeal for the readers; everything else is factual)

    "Just remember, when you're over the hill, you begin to pick up speed." -Charles M. Schultz

    Moorhen nowadays shuts at the weekend, unless by prior arrangement, thus the gates were open for the Fluff Club members, as indeed they were in episodes 2, 15, 18, and 30. Considering we're in mid-January, we had enjoyed a mild week but there ...
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