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  1. Beecraigs 29/10/2008

    by , 29-10-2008 at 05:02 PM (BP Angling Club Outings)
    The weather had changed for the last outing of the seaason with a sharp drop in temperature the previous day and most anglers trying to fit on as many clothes as possible, this was coupled with cloudy water caused by very heavy rain meant that conditions were to say the least difficult.

    It turned out to be the worst outing at Beecraigs we could remember catch wise. That said 3 doubles ranging from 10 lb 15 oz to Jock Bairds 16 lb 9 oz monster.

    It's only ...

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  2. Linlithgow Loch 8/10/2008

    by , 08-10-2008 at 03:56 PM (BP Angling Club Outings)
    Our penultimate outing of the year was another dry day which started out bright but clouded over nicely in the afternoon, the wind was fine and temp was ok for the time of year being cool rather than cold, the water was carrying a little colour from the previous days downpour.

    The word on the street was that the Loch had been fishing poorly for a fortnight and this proved to be the case with very few people touching fish let alone catching any

    Possibly even ...

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  3. Carron Valley 26/9/2008

    by , 26-09-2008 at 10:36 PM (BP Angling Club Outings)
    As the season is drawing to a close we turned up to Carron on a chilly morning,but with aslight breeze and plenty of cloud cover it was looking like a good day to fish.

    The four boats spread out across the Loch with catches coming from Bin Bay, Burn Bay,Gull Island and most bays up and down the loch and on both shores.

    Floaters did well though intermediates did slightly better, there were a lot of traditionals being thrown at the fish.

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  4. Lake of Menteith 10/9/2008

    by , 10-09-2008 at 09:48 PM (BP Angling Club Outings)
    The weather has started to get a hint of autumn, the wind was a bit blustery to start with allthough it did calm down as the day progressed. There was good cloud cover all day and the temperature was also fine.

    The fishing was quite good with fish taken from the start of the day and from all areas.

    Though Wilson and I took a while to find any fish. We started in cages bay but touched nothing, switched to the Malling where I picked up a fish but further ...
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  5. Glen Corse 20/8/2008

    by , 20-08-2008 at 08:07 PM (BP Angling Club Outings)
    More heavy rain meant that driving up to the reservoir was like driving up a stream and when we got to the Loch it was heavily coloured particularly in the lower two thirds.

    It was no surprise that the fishing was hard with the colour of the water.

    Wilson and I started at the bushes on the road shore and drifted through the shallows. I had a snatcher/lure combo while Wilson was going for an all out lure attack trying to find something bright enough to show ...

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