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  1. Maybe a cat among the pigeons, but ... lead?

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    Here is a letter I sent to one of the leading UK fly tying and fly fishing magazines which they chose not to publish. Now I'm not into conspiracy theorising or any of that stuff, nor do I want to alert the antis any, but I think the question I'm asking is both pertinent and relevant, so here's what I asked. (Make up your own theories of why it was ignored .. although you get used to it after a while!):
    Something has been troubling me for many a moon now. It's really just a niggle, a recurring
  2. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 45

    (In which the names are pseudonyms in an effort to be as inclusive to others as possible, in order to obtain the widest readership. I will be grateful for any comment the reader cares to make; alternatively, please complete the ‘rate this’ element of the page. Thanks.)

    “… breathless and steaming from the endless uphill exertion that is my life.” – Bill Bryson, ‘Neither Here Nor There’

    Consider the amazing technological, science-driven advances of the last two-hundred ...
  3. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode44

    (In which the names are all pseudonyms, in an effort to be as inclusive as possible in order to attain the widest readership; everything else is true.)
    I have two weather ‘apps’ on my iPad, the Met Office and the BBC. It’s quicker to alter the location on the BBC one, so foolishly that’s the one I relied on when I awoke, neither jacket nor fleece would be required. Car loaded, sound system set to 11, I followed the sat nav’s directions north towards Barn Elms Trout Fishery, blue skies overhead. ...
  4. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 43

    (The names of the Fluff Club members are pseudonyms in an attempt to be inclusive to all potential readership, everything else is true).

    "Accurately recalling an entire day of fishing is like trying to push smoke back down a chimney, so you settle on these specific moments" - John Gierach

    The Fluff Club last visited Holbury Lane Lakes back in episode 38, before that in 3, 14, 19, and 24. Just like in one of the previous visits, a storm had blown through and ...
  5. The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 42

    (In which the names of the Fluff Boys are pseudonyms, in hope of the widest appeal to the readers; everything else is factual).

    "Sqeezin' every drop of what's left of my time
    Jumpin' on tomorrow before it goes by" …
    - Blackberry Smoke

    It felt so good to get out of the sleeping house, I just don't know why we have to run the central heating on the 'solar flare' setting, nor why we have to have so many lights on at once that there are aeroplanes ...
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