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Thread: Float Tubing

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    Hey folks,

    the river that i fish like many others is down to bare bones so this has made me look for other places to fish, found a lovely loch about 1.5 acres which has some very very nice brownies in it, the problem is there is no where around it that you can fish from the bank as all covered by mature trees, water is very silty so not wanting to go in wading incase i dont get back out, lol, i am thinking float tube but never done it before and a little bit unsure of spending all that money incase it ends up on the classifieds on here, any info on float tubing and if anyone lived local that could give me a wee go it would be very much appreciated, if i did decide to go down that road what exactly would i need to purchase??

    thanks guys
    Just one more cast!


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    Default Re: Float Tubing

    Hi, Chuckie.

    I bought a Ron Thompson U-Tube about ten years ago for about 100. Looks like that's one thing inflation has missed!

    It's seen seasons of light use and some of heavy usage and has never let me down. The stitching and zips are as good as the day I bought it and I've never had any problems with either bladder, either.

    The one slight negative might be that it only has two bladders, however, as I also wear a manually inflatable life vest I've never felt unsafe. In fact, in high winds (say, 30 mph) it's safer than a boat, imo, as the fins make a powerful keel.

    It takes me about 10 minutes to blow it up by mouth and make ready or you could buy a pump if needed.

    Things You'll Need:
    A Float Tube (Min. New - circa 100)
    A Manually Operated Gas Life Jacket . (35 here)
    Stocking-Foot Neoprene Chest Waders (circa 100)
    Wading Boots (circa 40)
    Fins (35 at GAC)

    Sub-Total: 310

    Small Scoop Net (15 from GAC)
    Wading/Short Cut Weatherproof Jacket (35 at GAC)
    Stirrup Pump (20 at GAC)

    Sub-Total: 70

    Grand Total = 380.

    I offer the above links purely to demonstrate possibilities and didn't spend very long searching, tbh. I'm sure you could whittle those prices down if you tried esp. if you go for second hand.
    I noticed this: fishing float tube Fishing Equipment for Sale alexandria Glasgow
    It's 17 days old but in Alexandria, so not too far from Glasgow. Maybe worth a look? Or try eBay.

    My only tubing has been with the RT, but I know others have more experience with different models. I'm sure you'll get some good advice shortly but if you're on a budget don't ignore the RT U-Tube.

    Honestly, mate, tubing has been one of the most exciting and liberating developments in my 45 years of fishing - I've carried the gear miles to remote lochs in the past and covered water I could once only have dreamed of putting a boat on. Probably the best money I've ever spent on tackle.

    Be wary, though, even with fins on you can get stuck in soft mud - check where you intend to leave the water before you get in!
    When you tube for the first few times, start with the wind blowing on-shore. It'll take a wee while to learn how to travel and turn in the tube so it's best if that wind is going to blow you home, not onto the far bank.
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    Default Re: Float Tubing

    hi are doing neoprene boots that fit over stocking foot waders for 8.99 & cracking fins for 14.99 on thursday,the guys & me bought these the last time they came out & they are still going strong,the fins are long & make paddling very easy,check out there website,craig

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