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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    Quote Originally Posted by arabden View Post
    Brilliant post, just checked both my Wavehopper and England jacket. Both fine, gives a bit of re-assurance. Thanks for the reminder - it could be a life saver.
    Good post, good thought.

    Just renewed my auto/home insurance. Never collected a dime on either .. but if I did I'll get every penny I ever paid? Did get to test the fishing life jacket once: BOOM! Me floating down river swimming for the beach.

    Not scared, got feet down, banging off rocks, paddled to the bank. Odd bit was I had a 'death grip' on my fly rod.
    Fred Evans - White City, Oregon

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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    thanks for your help 3lbgrayling . it is an old vest, blew it up manually and seems to be ok . replaced the cartridge and clip only , didn't know I could replace the hammer part .
    maybe I should invest in a new vest
    thanks again

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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    Following a recent conversation with Alban I checked this out and thought it noteworthy to post .
    Limitation on the life-span of lifejackets. Inflatable lifejackets: ... The lifespan of an inflatable lifejacket is thus limited to ten years. Linked to this ten year period is the regular servicing of the device in periods of no more than two years and is strongly recommended for all lifejackets used in leisure boating
    Grandad Noel

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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    Get mine serviced every year for a fiver- replaced the trigger once for 20 quid - I am due a new one but then I also need one for work so might as well bite the bullet - not worth taking any chances with imho

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    (I know its pelled wrong)

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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    RNLI are offering free lifejacket check at GAC weekend on 28-30 September, well worth the effort to stay safe.

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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    Triggered my manual inflating vest getting out of the boat on Saturday. It didn't inflate properly as there was a leak where the bottle connected to the valve. A previous post recommended gas safe ptfe, can silicone grease be used instead??
    Thankfully I didn't need it but something else to consider/check.
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    Default Re: Life Jacket - Check !

    Grease unlikely to perform well where an air tight seal is required. Another bottle to test would be prudent, make sure it's well 'seated' and firmly screwed in place first.

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