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Thread: float tube

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    Hi i am relatively new to fly fishing but am at the stage I want to fish some bigger waters by a float tube.

    as anyone any suggestions for a good starter tube, I don't want to spend to much but don't really want to buy twice in the short term.
    I have been looking at the snowbee kit an the out cast cat 4.

    hanks john

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    The linneaffe tube sold by anglingrepublic is probably from the same factory as the snowbee,great tube for 70 I have used one for 2 years ,good starter tube ,get some dive fins from decathlon and your set up for 100.

    Fish cat is a step up , top class tubes cheaper in the USA if you can get one brought over by someone travelling there.

    Might be worth borrowing some stuff to try out before you decide how much to spend.

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    Default Re: float tube

    I can get you a Lineaeffe Tube to borrow and I have some spare fins John if you want to try tubing before you buy.....?

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    18 years on and my cheapo Ron Thompson (100 in 2000) is almost as good as new. I doubt you'll be disappointed with the Lineaeffe.
    Read a few of the 'starter threads' here for advice on starting out but if you can meet up with someone experienced it'd be even better.

    Possibly the best 100 you'll ever spend on fishing tackle.

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    Agreed - float tubing brings a new dimension to your sport and is a fantastic piece of kit for waters that don't have boats available BUT don't forget the safety factor and make sure buy a good quality manual life jacket. BFTA have plenty of advice on all manner of tubing subjects

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    Hello John
    As liphook say the BETA web site has some good advise on tubing and have comps all over the country and are worth going to if they are in your area, they are quite light minded things with plenty of banter and plenty of advise on all things tubing and always make like minded lunatics very welcome.

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    Where in the country are you because you can experience float tubing without purchasing your own. In our region we have Ladybower and Thornton & Eyebrook where you can hire or get tuition in float tubing.
    It's a good way to get around and experience good fishing, particularly in the summer months when fish move out from the banks. The BFTA are a fun bunch and offer great days out in venues all over the country. They also provide 3rd party insurance for members with your subscription. Not bad for 10 a year. check out their web site, join and come along to one of the events where you will be made to feel welcome.


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