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Thread: Drogue shape

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    Default Drogue shape

    I am about to make my own drogue using a design very similar to the one you can find Drogues

    The lakes I fish can be quite windy and I will set the drogue up with a long rope (loop style) so I can adjust it easily. The one thing I need to decide on is the shape/size of the drogue.

    I have noticed a lot of the commercial drogues are square, like the Wychwood which is 2.25m x 2.25m = 5m2.

    The instructions for making rectangular drogues (like the one in the link above) seem to vary in size from about 1.5m - 2.5m long with depths of between .8 - 1.5m. On the smaller end of this scale the size of the drogue is only 1.2m2 up to 3.75m2.

    So a few questions?
    Does the rectangular shape improve the efficiency even though it has a smaller surface area?
    Is there a relationship between boat length and drogue length that is optimal?
    What provides more 'stopping' power (ie ability to slow the boat) a drogue that is deeper, longer or just farther away from the boat?

    My boat is 4.25m and my initial thought was a rectangular drogue of 2.5mx1.5m but I can help but wonder whether a deeper drogue or one with more surface area would be better.

    Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    The longer the ropes ,the deeper the drogue.Can be a problem,The centre point of your boat might not be the best position to place your Drogue.But if you search drogue info you will find plenty of info,on the forum.

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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    The intention is to set the drogue up on a loop system with cam cleat front and rear. This way its easy to adjust the angle.

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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    Most of the commercial drougues are made to a standard size range, so that if people use them in competition fly fishing they are identical in size/efficiency. They, in virtually all cases have 2 ropes as this makes it much easier (possibly read safer) to collapse it faster & provide more stability & ease of adjustment i.e. "trimming".

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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    I think you may be getting your metric and imperial mixed up. Commercially available drougues to Comp rules are 25ft sq. 5x5, or in metric approx 1.5mx1.5m.
    A 5m sq drogue would be approx 45ft sq.

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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    Thanks everyone. Will go with the 2.5mx1.5m and see how that goes.

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    Default Re: Drogue shape

    Just a quick update. First session with the new drogue today and it went pretty well.

    In the end I went for the rectangular drogue in 2.5mx1.5m. 8mm galvanised chain at the bottom and 70mm diameter pool noodle at the top. Set really quickly once deployed and did the job nicely with the wind at 6-10 knots.

    For anyone looking to build a drogue like this I would make one recommendation. Cut your pool noodle into sections - maybe about 60cm long rather than leave them at full length. Mine had one long noodle and then a shorter section. The longer noodles tend to curve and this effects the drogue shape a little. Not a big issue but something I might amend down the track.


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