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Col I have the turnbuckle already attached but I was after another option . Cheers for the comments .
The last time Alban and I shared a boat my straps came undone and I ended up leaving the boat seat with Rich and Steve at Ladybower for the day I had a sore ar5e at the end of the day sitting on the thwart boards.
Ah - OK, Noel, I wasn't sure. I know we get boats where there is a buoyancy tank under the thwart, so the turnbuckle can't be deployed. If there is a gap under the thwart, you can go with Plan B, which is to run a ratchet strap from one spar to the other and crank it tight. Again, no need to tighten the nuts - it is going nowhere...

If the buoyancy tank is continuous with the deck, you can go with plan C, which is to mount it on a plank, tighten with the turnbuckle and sit it lengthways inside the boat. This is my preferred method anyway, as it leaves an open space in front of me for swivelling from side to side.

Of course it does rely on the fishery having suitable planks or on carrying your own (which I happily do).

Last option is to tighten up the nuts on the clamp - as you say. My mate Ron does this when faced with the buoyancy tank issue. He made himself a spanner to fit the butterfly nuts by cutting slots in a spark plug socket wrench. It works well, but to be honest, I can often have the first fish in the boat by the time he gets his seat sorted out.