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    Default Casting lessons, Wigan GTR Manchester

    Hi Guys

    I'm a complete newbie and after years of coarse fishing I've descided to take the plunge and try fly fishing, river fishing in particular appeals. I figured the best place to start would be a couple of lessons and maybe a couple of hours on a stillwater. So, I'm looking for suggestions for localish water/ instructor that offer tuition.


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    Default Re: Casting lessons, Wigan GTR Manchester

    I'm from Wigan mate. I had a few lessons with, he's a good instructor and quite local. There is also a small trout lake in Dalton (Lees Lane) that I fished a lot when i started out and its only a fiver a visit. PM if you want the phone number.
    Forgot to say that I'll help you out a bit on either river/stillwater although I'm far from an expert at either as i know it can be confusing starting out. But my advise would be get a lesson or two first, will make everything easier and your fishing more enjoyable
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    Default Re: Casting lessons, Wigan GTR Manchester

    Chris is your man to contact,you will get him on the gaia instructors site
    Casting Instructor

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    Default Re: Casting lessons, Wigan GTR Manchester

    Another shout for Chris. He's not just there for casting instruction but will also be able to tell you all about local fisheries, clubs, rivers, tackle etc.

    Top bloke.

    You've made a sensible decision. A casting lesson or two and talking to a qualified instructor like Chris will save you a huge amount of time and frustration.
    "Take not out your 'ounds on a werry windy day" Surtees.

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    Default Re: Casting lessons, Wigan GTR Manchester

    Yip, Chris is excellent!

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