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Thread: Novice

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    Ive had my lesson, bought my rod, and waiting to have a day off work to put practice to practicality.... but my pro-instructor did say 30ft was where I need to aim for as thats the optimum length of line etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by young jon View Post

    akin to seeking psychiatric help by posting your dreams and fears on Facebook.
    I'm saving that one for the right conversation. Too funny. I love how we Brits come up with sayings to emphasise a point.

    The wonder of the world The beauty and the power.The shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades. These I saw.
    Look ye also while life lasts....BB.

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    I play the drums and one thing that anyone serious routinely does is to record themselves playing. It is often an unpleasant revelation the first time you hear what you actually sound like, as opposed to what you think you sound like!

    I have been fly fishing for six years now and practice fairly regularly, minus the two and a half years where I stopped fly angling and got back in to carp fishing. Three weeks ago I videoed my casting for the first time and was a little horrified at what I saw. However I was able to instantly fine tune my technique and have been making huge improvement since then.

    Another thing I did was to capture images of my loop shape on the front cast. I have been trying to position the V on top of the loop and from behind the rod it always looked as if my v's were on the bottom. However playback showed that I had achieving my goal all along!

    So my biggest tip to a beginner is video yourself when practising - and study the best of the best, i.e. Steve Rajeff, Christoper Rownes, Paul Arden etc. etc. etc.

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    Why not join the British Fly Casting Club? (BFCC) for 25 yearly membership you can go to several meetings a year and receive tuition all day. Even if you only manage one of them, 25 for a full days tuition is a bargain. I found casting a problem myself so joined for this reason. They have improved my casting no end. All people there are very friendly and helpful. You will really see the benefit if you become a member.

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