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Thread: Changing grip

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    Although I have long since given up trying to recover the distances I used to manage before I suffered a stroke, I still like to play around with casting styles and techniques. Today I was experimenting with changing my grip during the casting process, making the back cast with a V grip and allowing the rod to fall into the V between thumb and forefinger so that it finished almost parallel to the ground, then, during the forward cast, rotating the hand slightly so that the thumb is directly behind the rod, opposite to the direction of the cast.
    I haven't seem this described anywhere, but it worked very well for me so I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on the subject.

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    I change grip mid cast all the time, mostly just farting about but I find it a very good way to relax grip, drift, pause before transitioning into the next stroke.

    Your right, no one talks about it.

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    Hi Angus, what you describe is exactly what Mike Heritage does when he's distance casting with a #5 - he's been doing that for as long as I've known him.

    And the 2016 Nobel prize for physics goes to J.R. Hartley, who'd have thought a fly fisherman could re-write so many accepted laws

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    We used to talk alot about gripshift (term coined by Jason Borger in Montana back in 2006) on sexyloops, during distance casting, we used to mainly use a pointer on top for the backcast, then shifting to thumb on top for the forward cast during the forward stroke when throwing in the 170 technique.
    Check out clips of Rick Hartmann on YouTube and other distance casters using the technique.


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