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    Default Re: 5wt versus heavy(ish) flies? help please

    Quote Originally Posted by donnieh View Post
    Maybe try extending your forward stroke and stopping later.

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    That will extend the leader but often results in splashy delivery, sometimes not an issue but not always desirable.
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    Default Re: 5wt versus heavy(ish) flies? help please

    I find the Belgian (oval) style of casting make it all much more effective and less fraught when having to use any heavy lumps and it's also easy to learn ! Good ol' YouTube ...

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    Default Re: 5wt versus heavy(ish) flies? help please

    It's normal. Casting heavy flies on light rods is hard. I hate doing it so I very rarely do. It tends to be only when I feel I really must replace my dry fly with a big hairy damsel. Otherwise I'll be using my multi-tool #7 which can do anything.

    But if you must lure fish with a #5, use a 9 foot leader max or much less if it's still a pain, get the wind behind you and slow right down - big pause at the end of the back cast.

    Good casters can cast anything but the rest of us need all the help we can get.

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