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    I watched this the other day and thought it good, straight-forward advice, despite the age of it -

    Jim Green, of Fenwick and Sage, was a champion caster in his day and designed Fenwick's 'HMG' range, the first graphite rods ever marketed. Here, though, he's fishing glass.

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    Very good straightforward stuff. What I noticed was that because he is a very good caster he has great difficulty in doing a bad cast to demonstrate what it is eg when he allows his wrist to break back. He is still generating enough line speed in the air to get away with it. All to do with muscle memory which simply won't allow him to do the sort of thing beginners do as a matter of course.

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    That's great. Easy isn't it?!

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    I've a Joan wulf dvd your welcome to foc, send a pm if it's any use to you.
    From what I can remember it's quite a comprehensive casting guide.
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