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    Default Re: Efficiency Trumps Effort - Physics FOR Fly Casting

    Contrary to others, I agree with your 20% figure, not because I have worked it out myself, or anything impressive like that, but from an entirely separate discussion on this subject - I am not sure it wasn't Sexy Loops?
    Anyway, whatever, they came up with a 20% figure.
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    Default Re: Efficiency Trumps Effort - Physics FOR Fly Casting

    Quote Originally Posted by geenomad View Post
    After becoming frustrated with textbook and online discussion of physics for fly casting I decided to write a series of articles discussing physics in the context of fly casting instead of fly casting in the context of physics. I am neither a physicist nor a casting guru. Instead, I'm a guy who can mostly get his head around the relevant physics well enough to write stories about it for fly casters who are interested in reading them because they are, like me, interested in casting better.

    If that sounds like you the results of my labour can be found here. Physics FOR Fly Casting The Einstein Series | The Curious Fly Caster

    I recruited some very heavy hitters to my advisory group as insurance against producing another pile of BS but if any stuff ups got past my sentries then I take full responsibility for them.

    No money, no selfies and no hidden agendas are involved. What I came away with was a clear and scientific understanding of why efficiency (always) trumps effort. If you get even a sniff of that from reading the Series, yours and my time will have been well spent.

    The rod tip can't "tow" the line... just let go with your leftie when hauling. Your hand is the control element.

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