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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil of the Nene View Post
    What distance should I be looking to achieve? Bank fishing with a Shakespeare Sigma 10 foot #7 rod.
    None of us have seen you cast so it's a difficult question to answer quantitatively. From a fishing perspective I catch more fish within my casting comfort zone than beyond it and so my advice would be to stay within the limits of where you can cover fish confidently and without having to think about making the cast distance. Accuracy declines rapidly as technique begins to reach its boundaries.

    IMHO short, medium and long casting distances are both relative and subjective. One caster's long may be someone else's medium, or even short. Only better technique will increase the yardage in these categories.


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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Why cast over fish that may be closer to you & possibly feeding slightly deeper. Fan cast & vary your count-down times, you'll be surprised.
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Fishing lines are designed to optimally load a rod with 30 feet of line out from the rod tip. Your rod is say, 9' and your leader say another 9'. So assuming you're making a normal cast (ie not deliberately fishing short) you start with a distance of 48' from the bank without shooting any line at all.

    I find it really useful to mark 30' on the line with a permanent marker pen so you know you've got it about right. If you have much more out than that it overloads the rod and everything starts to collapse - you have to put a lot more energy into just keeping the line in the air.

    If you're getting your timing right, simply allowing the line to shoot with 30' line out will pull at least another 10 feet through your rings so you're now approaching at least 60', probably nearer 70'.

    That's normally more than enough because it's far more important to routinely turn the leader over than achieve longer distance.

    Adding a single haul will get you a bit further.

    I'm no great caster but I've watched a lot of people cast and the most usual mistake I've seen is people not allowing the line to unfurl fully behind them before the forward stroke. A good backcast is vital to make a good forward cast because that's what loads the rod.

    Easier said than....

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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Thank you, that puts things into perspective. I like the idea of marking the line.

    I appreciate the replies from everyone, it all helps a newbie.

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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil of the Nene View Post
    Thank you, that puts things into perspective. I like the idea of marking the line.
    If you've marked the line, the first thing you notice is that when you retrieve, you have to bring the mark back into the pile of line at your feet if you want to fish the cast back properly.

    By properly I mean right back almost to your feet and left to dangle a little - 'cos you'd be surprised how many fish follow your fly in then frighten the life out of you by taking it just as you lift up. (Which, btw, is when you find out that using thin fluorocarbon leaders are not great at dealing with shock takes at close distance.)

    But you've now got the problem of getting your line out again when there's little to no line to load the rod. You've no choice but to make a couple of false casts to get the necessary 30' of line into the air again.

    Personally, I compromise a bit by not bringing the flies right back in, raising the rod high and drawing them back as far as I dare, dangle, then roll casting into the air, followed by one full false cast, then the full cast. It can get quite rhythmical.

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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    Lad i work with's grandad taught him to fly fish by giving him an old light setup and promising to take him fishing when he could land a bit if fluff in a bucket 20' down the garden 5 times out of 10.

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    Default Re: Acceptable Distance?

    The advice given all is very sound. Distance is not the be all and end all. Concentrate on putting out a tidy line with a good loop shape and lay down. To achieve this a tapered leader is very important in my opinion.
    To support the case of distance not being essential I have to admit once catching a fish on the backcast!


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