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Thread: Trotting Advise

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    Good hooks those, I'm just not so keen on the silver colour. I tend to use Kammie B911s - similar - have landed me 4lb+ chub ok on fine gear and light stickfloat rod so they seem up to the bigger stuff too.

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    If I was you I would try a cheeky little swan bobber coupled up with the rig of your choice, bait it all up with a couple of maggots and let it trot down the river just below the force. Make sure your hooks are sharp enough to scratch a nail and they'll be just fine. You'll be catching in no time pal. Tight Lines and wet nets.


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    Default Re: Trotting Advise it all sorted I think thanks to all the help from here.

    Got some avons, loafers, stick floats, bobbers, kamasan animal hooks.... Got my new reel loaded up with drennan floatfish (had to buy a new reel as turned the house upside down but couldn't find my ******* spare spool!!....nevermind will give me an excuse to go carp fishing with an old mate ...). Ice blocks in the freezer. Stocking up on sweetcorn and luncheon meat tomorrow. The latter of which will probably end up being served in a bap with an egg and some HP!! Going to stop at a tackle shop in keighley on the way from halifax so the bait will be as fresh as possible. Plus as an added bonus the weather looks like it is going to be smiling on us for the whole weekend! All I need now is a few celebartory gallons of ale tomorrow night in the local before we go and I think we're hot to trot (excuse the pun).

    The numpty in the post above is my company for the weekend by the way....he's not what you would call an "avid angler" ... And I'm still adament i'm not going to teach him to fly fish but we'll see what happens if i'm hauling them in on the fly and he's sat twiddling his thumbs all weekend!!

    Cheers all.

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