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    Post The People's Top 10

    Hi everyone,

    This thread has been dedicated to the top fishing spots in the country, so if you'd like to name a top spot go ahead!!!

    After this thread has been running for some time, i'll produce ''The People's Top 10'', hence the title

    Also, by any chance, does anyone know where there are good places to go in south wales for trout and is not too expensive or even free???

    Happy Fishing and Tight Lines,


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    Somerset, England


    Angling 2000 waters in the West Country. Cheap, empty and really good. PLUS
    River Exe good brownies, grayling to follow plus there is always a chance of a salmon. (Not for me so far this season but I keep trying) Fish the Exe scheme makes it reasonably priced.

    Sorry don't know anything about the Welsh rivers so can't advise

    Best wishes

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