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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Just to say, I have caught a fair few chubb on 80 mm suspending Ayu lipped lures in early months of the year, so an ayu streamer pattern might be worth a try for some of you?
    Good luck.
    Might just join you.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Some years back a friend located a shoal of big roach in the Kennet. They were lying up beneath an overhanging tree at one side of a fast, shallow run. He'd tried to tempt them by trotting down to the tree but couldn't steer his float into the right place due to a deflection in the current. He'd also tried link legering flake tight up against the tree, but to no avail. I appeared on the scene from upstream and he pointed out the shoal and suggested I try from below. I went down and looked at the fish, their position and the current and decided to walk back to my car and fetch a fly rod, which I set up with a red maggot on a size 16 hook weighted with copper wire. To cut a long story short I caught several of them with the smallest about half a pound and the best slightly over a pound. I loose fed maggots between each cast to draw the shoal out from the tree, and only cast when they were taking them on the gravel shallow where I could see them.

    If I found a similar situation today I'd do the same, but use a fake plastic maggot on the hook as I found real ones were prone to fly off unless really well impaled, which made them unattractive to the fish. Presenting the bait on fly tackle had several advantages over coarse tackle due to the shallow water making float tackle impractical, and the roach refusing static baits legered on the bottom. It's not real fly fishing, but it requires the same mechanical ability and may present as good an opportunity to practice your skills when funds/location/season conspire to prevent you from doing it 'properly'. To those who consider the whole thing quite beyond the pale, so be it. This is the coarse fishing section of the forum anyway.

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