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    Post Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Hello fellow coarse-fly fisherman!

    Chub is one of my favourite coarse species to catch on a fly. Most of the time I will be either using a nymph or dry fly from the relevant hatch. However, recently I have been experimenting with bread flies, and maggot/worm/bloodworm flies.

    My questions to you is this
    Has anyone had experience of using these flies for chub and also dace and roach?
    And also, has anyone loose fed maggots as you would do trotting for chub, but instead loose feeding maggots in between casting your ‘maggot fly’

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Squirmy wormy works so can’t see why not. Mind you, if you’re going feed maggots you could just put one on the hook because they’re tough enough to survive casting.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Over many years I fished for Chub and other coarse fish on Northern Rivers,
    mostly shallow and fastish flowing. Fishing and casting close to any bankside
    Cover and into the roots of bushes that were in the water. Chub live in those areas.
    For the fly Chub are not at all choosy , they will take almost any fly.In the summer warmer months anything Brown/Black and Bushy will do the job. So most dry fly will work, even wet ones. But my preference was dry.
    Had some great catches over the years,some very big Chub plus Grayling , Dace some Roach would also be caught.
    So give what you fancy a go.
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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    In tge winter I've actually used a real maggot a size 16 hook for chub and dace, but on a fly rod and just watched the leader straighten. catch plenty of small fish but nothing very big.....12 to 14 oz was my best.

    But small size 16 or 18 parachute dries, in black or brown work equally well during Spring and Sumner and is much more exciting......again I only ever caught small chub and dace on these small flies

    But I have caught about 20 chub over 2lb (but nothing bigger than 3lb) all on larger black dries about size 10....a good old fashioned black gnat is my best pattern.....the larger sillouette seems to pull the better fish up and provoke a response.

    Dusk is easily the best time for the bigger fish !!

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    I have had some decent chub on black streamers in the summer, something half way between a humongous and a black dog nobbler. They love em.
    Not another blank.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    I've tried maggot imitations with no success, for me.
    However flies that have caught me chub are
    Pheasant tail nymph with gold bead.
    Gold ribbed hares ear with gold bead.
    Dog nobbler in black with gold bead.
    Soldier Palmer with gold bead.

    Mmm reading my post back seems to appear I have a fetish for gold beads.... Coarse fish seem to love em though!

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Oh and no I don't use maggots as loose feed when flyfishing, for coarse fish. I think it's cheating but that's just my opinion.

    If I was float fishing or ledgering than yes I would loose feed maggots.

    However if you want to do it then try it, it's personal choice.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Where I fish i wouldnt bother targeting them with fly at this time of year, they're hard enough to tempt with bait.
    Summer is a different story, though.
    Caught plenty on nymphs and dries, small black klinks and ballon caddis seem to work well.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    Feeding maggots or groundbaiting while fishing with artificial fly sounds a bit strange, I never heard someone to do it. I don't know when done if it could be considered fly fishing, to me it's bait fishing. Chubs are so willing to take fly most of the time , so why bother with smelly maggots? I enjoyed fly fishing for chub for many years in the past, the biggest one was a 5lb on a dry and here is a smaller one on dry on the photo. Sorry for the edited right part of the photo , it was a hat with a brand logo that I had to delete.
    Wise indeed was George Selwyn Marryat when he said: "its not the fly; its the driver"
    page 193, GEM Skues,The Way Of A Trout With A Fly

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for Chub- using a maggot fly ?

    I've done it before but not for about 18 or more years now.

    It more than works - it can be absolutely devastating on the right venue.

    Angling Times did a feature titled "Skateboard Dave is a Real Fly Boy" on the methods I developed fishing at Mallory Park in Leicestershire.
    That was a centre page spread which made my day back then as appearing in AT had been a childhood dream. Centre pages and on the cover too was the best.

    I tied up maggot and caster imitations and fished them on a fly rod whilst spraying maggots or casters as loose feed.
    The AT people were thinking who is this guy as I was perched on a little folding stool with an 8ft fly rod with a hands free "pult" gripped between my knees.
    That was so I could keep feeding whilst playing any bigger fish.
    Ist cast in I had a chub within seconds, next cast a pound skimmer & within 30 minutes I'd got around 30lb of fish in the net....they were blown away!
    When I pulled in 3 x 1lb plus skimmers on one cast they started to totally loose it.
    After a few hours I'd got 80lb of skimmers, roach, chub and a few small carp...they were literally shaking their heads in awe when I pulled the net in for the photos.
    A couple of year ago I got a call from them wanting to do another feature because it had been their most talked about article ever!
    I didn't go for it though as it's just not something I do now. After their article I probably only did it for a couple more months and only ever at the Mallory lakes then decided I had to go bait free 100% if I was to learn what I now know.
    I did suggest doing a bait free fly fishing article but I think it was too out of reach for the average reader of AT for them to go for.

    It was fun when I did it but I never considered anything caught by the method to be "fly fishing" just a fun way of fishing.
    A fun way that no one on those lakes could compete with not even the top match anglers could match my catch rate.
    One match angler spend ages watching and chatting to me over a few weeks whilst I was putting on one of my "shows"...everyone there knew the guy who emptied the lakes using a fly rod.
    Weeks later he came and thanked me as he'd won three evening matches in a row by adapting my methods to be match legal with his pole tactics. it'll work in a river for chub just the same.
    If you are a good bait angler and know how to feed that is.
    Get it right and it is so much fun, It isn't fly fishing though.


    It's not flyfishing if you're throwing bait in....learn to do it properly

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