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    Default Blanked and wasnít my fault ... with proof.

    Tonight I went down the local canal for a bit of spinning for pike. Iíve fished this stretch for pike for about two years now on fly and spinners, and in that time Iíve only only had one take with which I landed a jack.

    Tonight one of the old boys walks past me as Iím stripping in, ďany good on the spins mate?Ē he says.
    Nope only weeds I tell him.
    ďAye thereís no pike in there now apart from a few jacks, the carp club took them out around four years ago".

    Bloody hell!!!!!

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    Default Re: Blanked and wasnít my fault ... with proof.

    hahahahaha I thought you were going to say that the canal had been drained but that's worse!

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