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    Default Re: Advice on Tackle for Pike / Perch beginner

    Sounds like a fantastic start - Nice work. The savage gear 4 play lures are good and being rigid they last a lot longer than softbaits.

    I haven't been to a PAC meeting for a while, but I'm sure you would be fine - Pike anglers are often a rough looking bunch but actually very friendly!

    As for the other stuff, lures will still work and there are plenty of pike in the cam all along it. I fish some CFPAS waters too, so might bump into you at some point...

    Here is one that I had (on deadbait) just before Christmas

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    Default Re: Advice on Tackle for Pike / Perch beginner

    If you want to cast big flies in tight spaces get a single handed skagit line, maxcatch do cracking single handed lines that are only 18ft, with a 8wt rod I'd recommend around 16/17g that will cast much, much better than the equivalent wf line.
    It looks like a 3wt would suit the 8wt for overhead casts.
    Maxcatch Skagit Shooting Head Fly Line 200gr-650gr 11FT-25FT With 2 Welded Loops | eBay

    Best of luck Al
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    Default Re: Advice on Tackle for Pike / Perch beginner

    That's a brilliant start and yes their teeth are so fine and sharp that even the tiniest nick bleeds like you've hit by a machete

    Al's basically said what I would and so I won't repeat it. I'm just really pleased to hear that you've had such a positive start

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    Default Re: Advice on Tackle for Pike / Perch beginner

    Wow... lovely pike - bit jealous.

    Thanks! - that's enough encouragement for me to keep trying.
    Never sure whether to go hard lures, soft bait or spinners.... but I suppose it depends on the day / water / fish...


    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah... my fishing bag's covered in blood - not a good look when passing joggers

    Wasn't expecting it really - as just went out and gave it a shot.
    It's just I don't have the knowledge yet to realise if I'm fishing anywhere or in the right way that I have any hope of catching anything - but I suppose learning that stuff's half the fun.


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