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    Default Help for a tight fisherman

    I have been fishing for pike for a while and now saw a way of fishing chunks of fish on a kebab style rig.
    Fox want 5.99 for a bit of plastic stick plus pop up ball ,

    Anybody any good ideas where i can get some decent plastic sticks that will do the job.

    Been looking at options from garden netting stakes to !!!!!!!!!!!

    Help please i know it sounds mean but it is fishing
    what i am looking for is on the picture below

    Attachment 17866

    Hope somebody can help


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    Default Re: Help for a tight fisherman

    What about a plastic knitting needle, cut to length, sharpen and drill a hole ?

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    Default Re: Help for a tight fisherman

    Many thanks to both of you . The knitting needle idea was brilliant but i like donnieh first idea as it has a cap end. I have just ordered some

    Thank you both for the ideas


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    Default Re: Help for a tight fisherman

    The plastic/wire twisty things (technical term) that you get round mains cable on electrical goods work for this. Make a loop at one end, trim the plastic on the other end to make a point, thread on the fish bits, fold the point over to stop the fish bits coming off and you're done. Hope that maes sense!
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