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    Default Charity competition help


    I am wanting to organise a charity fishing match to raise money for a local charity that are currently close to family hearts.

    Now, I've been fly fishing for over 25 years but have no idea how to go about organising such an event.

    Please could anyone with experience pm me with some advice on what I should do?

    Kind regards.


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    Default Re: Charity competition help

    Is this proposed event to be held on 1. Small Stillwater?
    2. Major Reservoir?

    If its a Major Reservoir is it to be 1. Bank Competition?
    2. Boat Competition?

    If its a Major Reservoir finding a date can be a headache as there are so many competitions. Get yourself a big wall Year Planner and mark on it e.g. :
    1. Anglers World Individual rounds and Final.
    2. Spotsfish Team rounds and Final
    3. Airflo International heats and Final
    4. Airflo Iain Barr World Bank
    5. Scierra Pairs rounds and Final
    6. Loch Style Home International - Brenig
    7. Bob Church Classic
    8. Bob Church Team
    9. Moc Morgan Classic
    10.Llanilar Classic
    11.Club Competitions already booked on you proposed venue

    Keep it simple e.g. 4/6/8 fish keep and the weigh in.

    At the weigh in you need 2 people to verify the weight and 2 people to record and do the results to avoid any disputes.

    Chat to the local competition anglers and get their advice.

    I hope this helps.

    Euros Jones

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