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    Default Advice new comp rod 10 #7

    Hi everyone, need some advice on rod choice. Shortlist is as follows:
    Greys GR80 comp
    Sage pulse
    Orvis Recon

    If you own any of the above, how do you find them?


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    Default Re: Advice new comp rod 10 #7

    I have the recon but as a 9' 5wt so I can only speak for the finish and action of that model. Finish is very good with a great handle and the action is such that it gives a good combination of distance and accuracy, not superb at anything specific but a good all-rounder with no obvious flaws. Now how much of that translates to the longer, heavier rod I don't know.


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    Default Re: Advice new comp rod 10 #7

    I don't have any of them but I do have a few Greys rods that I fish with. They are getting on a bit now, they are either Platinums or Platinum x with one Platinum x comp special, black rod with composite cork handle. They were at the time the top end of thd Greys range and I have variuos lenghts 10' and above, but 10' #7 is the mainstay.
    I like them all, hence I have a few and they are all I use for my stillwater rainbow and river sea trouting. I do have a couple of 10' #5 I will use on occassion.
    My only criticism I have is the early cork composte handle on the special, I think it may have been one of the first, gets a bit shiny and is not as good as a full cork. I would image they have improved since then.
    As I am a Greys buyer, I would if given the choice choose the GR80 for that reason.

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