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    Default Building a New Club Fishery?

    If you're thinking about building your club a fishery, you could always use my project as a guide.
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    Default Re: Building a New Club Fishery?

    Thanks for that, enjoyed the read.
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    Default Re: Building a New Club Fishery?

    +1, nicely written and informative, an in depth account which could work as a template for clubs who are putting similar project proposals together.

    Liked the attention to detail regarding the wild flower and plant work and the cheap solution to oxygenation after United Utilities asked for the usual pound of flesh - ten grand seems a bit on the steep side to provide a power supply for a not for profit venture!

    Congratulations in providing a valuable community resource, it must have taken a while.

    How much did it all cost in the end?
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    Default Re: Building a New Club Fishery?

    Thanks for the comments.
    Research and funding applications began in 2006
    Project work began Nov 2008
    Work was completed March 2010 and opened to public April 2010
    Total cost of project including purchase of land was 116k
    16k was funded by the club

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