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    Default Re: Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust Sea Trout Sweeps: 2018

    I always look forward to reading your posts and although I've never fished on the western isles and probably never will, I share your disappointment and anger at the damage being done by the salmon cages. This government should hang their heads in shame.

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    Default Re: Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust Sea Trout Sweeps: 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis Chessman View Post
    Interesting to note that X49 and X50, tagged in Sept. last year, were in the bag this time, so that's now them and X51 and X52 re-caught this year. They should provide some useful growth stats for the biologist but I'm just pleased to know that these fish have been doing what has long been thought - staying together and not straying far from 'home'.

    You have to wonder if they wouldn't be better off straying a bit further from home as the sea trout of many English & Welsh rivers or the Tweed do. That way they might get away from the lice.

    Anyway keep the reports coming, warts and all!

    On another bright note I heard an encouraging report from S. Uist the other day. One sweep there this spring produced three times as many sea trout as last year. The actual number caught... three!
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    Default Re: Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust Sea Trout Sweeps: 2018

    I think the issue for the sea trout is that they feed coastally rather than in the open ocean. I strongly suspect that lice eggs can travel on the current a fair way from their 'natal cages' and consequently much of the NW coast of Scotland will have far higher lice levels than the rest of Britain. Here in Lewis the west coast sea lochs are more intensively farmed than the east and I'll be interested to see how much correlation there is between lice numbers and farm proximity when more sweeps are conducted.

    I'm not sure about the Spring Uist sweep you speak of, I thought their first visit was only last week - in that gale, poor b*ggers.* They did speak of one sweep which previously produced two fish giving up five - an increase of three. Maybe that's the route of your report? The thing is, though, that although it's encouraging to see a good number of fish in the bag it's as relevant to conservation to find none where there should be some. I never feel like it's a wasted effort if we only catch a few - or none - it's another piece of puzzle for the jig saw.

    If you want some really good news ..... an old friend had a great day last week catching 67 sea trout and finnock to 1 1/2 lbs, losing as many more in a couple of hours, on a falling tide on a certain Lewis sea pool. ''You should have been there!" he said. I could have been but read his ''I've negotiated us a rod ...." email too late to go.
    My only consolation is that the weather was fine when he started but soon started pouring with rain and the poor man only had a shirt and fishing vest on so got thoroughly soaked.

    I'm not long back from another sweep today, well, two, in fact. We were back at Borve Estate in Harris with the aim to sweep a spot on the tiny L. Laxdale in the search for salmon parr, then the sea pool. Currently, all Fishery Trust salmon parr numbers are obtained on rivers, usually by electro-fishing, so the purpose was to sweep this loch to prove scientifically something we fishers know fine already - salmon parr live in lochs, commonly in their second or third year.

    Thankfully we caught, measured and photographed three 'loch parr', 2 x 2 y-o, 1 x 3 y-o, undeniably proving to the World of Science that rivers can't tell the whole tale. Grants will be applied for. Post-grads will gain employment. Our knowledge will grow.

    Next came the sea pool at Fincastle again (post #12 above). Only six fish today, five wee ones and a stonking, firm-fleshed fish around the 1 3/4 lb mark. Was it just one louse upon the lot? I think it was. I saw a good silver fish of similar size jump in Loch Fincastle (fresh water) too.

    Tired now and feel deserving of a dram. The wind seldom dropped below 30 mph and a couple of times I was almost put in the water by a gust! There's another sweep at Morsgail tomorrow which I'd like to attend but I'm nursing a bad leg and will see how today's exercise affects it before I decide whether to join them.
    There's been the first proper rain in a long time in NW Harris today, if it carried into Uig in Lewis there might be a few fish caught tomorrow. I'll get out if I can.

    * Edit: I checked again and Bob is correct - there was a prior OHFT visit to the Uists in the last week of May and his information most likely relates to this. My apologies for the confusion and thanks for the information, Bob.
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