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    Hi, haven`t posted for a while, but saw this today and as i am from Slovenia, i can give you a few advices. Stockies are present in most waters, but so is a lot of wild fish. You have waters where stockies are almost non present at all, for example due to the fact that they are soon destroyed by high waters, you have sections which are not stocked (you may encounter some stockies there as well, as they are being washed downstream etc.

    Tell your guide that you wish to fish for a wild fish and be careful to have the right guide. Tina, who was mentioned before and Mirko (they are a team), are two guides that can definitely put you on wild fish if you desire to have that experience i know both of them personally. They are also a great source for flies. If you want some good wild fish experience, tell them you would like to fish Kokra for example…

    there is also a huge number of waters that are unknown to turist, but are known to your guides, there are many more species than just trout and grayling etc., plenty of stuff for your family, your guide should be able to point you in the right direction.


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    Contact Kevin Smith @ Fly Fishing Holidays in Slovenia!
    Tell him TM connected you....he's very good and knows much
    Tight lines

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