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    Default Playa del Carmen Mexico

    Hi All. Going on holiday in April next year with the wife but want to get some fishing in. Has anyone been to Playa del Carmen before, we are staying in the RIU Yucatan. I was hoping to just walk along the beach early mornings and find some flats to wet a line. Any help gratefully received.
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    Default Re: Playa del Carmen Mexico

    Been there a few times. Run a search here for information and guides.

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    Default Re: Playa del Carmen Mexico

    Hi, when we have been there, but lower down towards Tulum, we were able to fish on the beach, but..... We had to fish at the vey edge of the resort and Mexican law states that no fishing within 200 meters of swimmers. we caught plenty from the beach and had a couple of shots at big permit but no joy.
    we found that the fish disappear but you can get them back by feeding a load of bread and wait for the better ones to show up. We have also had several guided trips both from Cancun and Punta Alan. Both are good but no wading available from the north (cancun). Punta alan and the Biosphere is beautiful. You can also DIY at Boca Poala wading the flats for Bones, Permit and Barracuda. There is loads of info on the interweb and some good footage on You tube also. hope this has helped.

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    Default Re: Playa del Carmen Mexico

    If you want to see something remarkable, go to the big waterpark (Called X-something, IIRC) and feed floating pellets to bonefish

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    Default Re: Playa del Carmen Mexico

    I'm heading back to Playa del Carmen later this year.

    I will be DIY for most of it and if I can get a day with a guide chasing bone fish I will go for it.

    I am Panning on packing a 8wt with a floating line to cover me for the trip. what I need is some fly's to make up for the trip. I guessing a few Clouser minnows will always be in the box but what other fly's should I tie up for the trip?

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