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    Coming from someone who lives in the north island I can agree 100% with everything Mike's told you. Fantastic advice there.

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    4 to 5 days won’t be enough time to appreciate NZ however you buy a license and can fish anywhere theres water. Heli fishing from Queenstown area in the south really will set you back some.

    Jake Berry of is a great guide from Wanaka. He guided me while still in his teens and put me into large browns at night On deerhair sedge, quite an experience in pitch blackness. He does heli trips now, i used him 10 yrs ago so he is really experienced now!

    I reckon you need 10 days minimum there however I was using a maui camper and really only fished the south island, which is a lot more dramatic than the north, but the rivers there are something else again.

    Have a good trip.

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    Fresh this morning

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    If you are in the Rotorua area(Fish and Game -Eastern Region) and looking for a great, personable and very knowledgeable guide then I can highly recommend Peter Hill (peterhillfishing-home). I have fished this region over the past six years and used this chap for the past four. In fact, I have just today returned from a three week session out there, spent four days with Pete and had a brilliant time. His packed lunches and coffee is pretty good too

    There are stacks of top quality stillwater fishing spots in this area with some of the lakes such as Rotoiti, Rotorua and Okataina holding some true trophy browns and rainbows which come out with great regularity, especially if the weather is warm and you fish cold water stream mouths inlets. I was talking to a long time mate who fished Okataina on this NY day and he and a friend had 30 between them ranging from 4kg to 9kg with one standout brown of 12kg! And had photos to back up his claims which he showed me with a massive grin across his face.

    The river fishing has in the past been excellent too with rivers just an hour or so from town. Sadly, these rivers were hit by the recent massive flooding back over April to June with some wash out. Most of the rivers are naturally stocked by very hard fighting wild fish and so while there are numbers around they need a good fishing guide to find them more than ever now.

    In and around Rotorua there are the Nongotaha and Waiteti streams which can hold some truly awe inspiring numbers and sizes of fish. Again if the weather warms up the fish like to haunt these streams (truly, they are streams)
    looking for cool, well oxygenated water.

    Remember to get your Overseas Angler Fishing License ($NZ160) before you fish and if you have time into town pop into Hammills or Hunting and Fishing tackle shops to get some up to date information.

    Good luck
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