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Thread: Iceland

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    Default Iceland

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a fishing holiday next year to Iceland. when i start my reasearch i see splendid rivers with lost of fish but also for a lot of money. Prices even go up to 2000 euro to fish a day on a river.
    Has anyone ever fished Iceland before en is it possible to fish the smaller and less know rivers without my bank account in the red Numbers? I think one of the reason is also the cottages thats included in the prices are 4 stars room with Michelin chef in the citchen. I can do with much less but haven't found the wright site to look for info.
    So if you have Any suggesties please let me know.

    Regards christophe

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    Default Re: Iceland

    Lots of us looking for the same thing.That's why the prices hold up.

    The Fishermans Friend is the Flirty Fly,Fickle Food for Fleeting Fish.

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    I went to Iceland a couple of years ago, not to fish but it is a beautiful place, hope to go back soon and get some fishing in. I came across this Fishing in Iceland | Frommer's

    which says "Virtually every village has reasonably priced fishing locales nearby, and permits, when necessary, are easily purchased at the local gas station. The Veiğikortiğ fishing card (tel. 517-4515; Forsíğa), available at all N1 gas stations, gives you unlimited access to 31 lakes around the country for 5,000kr ($80/£40)." sounds good to me !!

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    Default Re: Iceland

    Hi Christophe,
    I seem to remember a Belgian fella on here, docsalmo, doing a post on fishing in Iceland.
    Do a search to find him, and then you can access his posts.
    He also gave me some advice on Northern Norway fishing (at least I think it was him).
    Very knowledgeable helpful bloke.

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    Default Re: Iceland

    It is expensive to fish there. I picked up several fishing brochures whilst there 2 years ago. Hotels, car hire ( 4*4) is mega. A guide is necessary also expensive. And do not think of drinking, cheap plonk £50 a bottle a whisky £12 or more a shot. Eating either in a restaurant or buying from a supermarket mega.
    Of the 350000 residents over 200000 live in the capital.
    As was said the country is amazing one day I will fish there instead of just being a tourist.

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    Default Re: Iceland

    It was shocking expensive before the 2008 crash, now its shocking expensive again. Did anyone go there in the meantime? They suffered hugely in the financial crash but being just three hundred thousand souls they buckled down for a few years and are now as wealthy as the were a few years ago. Amazing what you can do with a nation state under a million
    Growing old disgracefully!

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    I fished iceland in 2015 for trout on the big laxa river, simply put was amazing dry fly fishing, had nothing less than 3lbs and up to 6lbs with much bigger lost. Cost ~£1700 for 3.5 days fishing full board and got wakened by one of the guides playing beethoven on the trumpet every morning as a bonus!

    If you can afford it I would highly recommend visit and while your there take in the glaziers, waterfalls, whale watching and volcanoes; we managed all this in 7 whirlwind days.

    Despite what I have said above about the quality of fishing I have had similar quality dry fly fishing on the River Don near Aberdeen, you should visit April and May.

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    We went there about 3 years ago, it was not cheap but I did not find it that expensive, there were 4 of us, we found that most bars had a "happy hour" which lasted 2 hours ) where it was 2 drinks for the price of 1 and different bars had their "happy hour" at different times so we just moved bars
    Food did not seem that bad, London prices I suppose. we were on holiday so we expect to pay more than being at home.
    We got a great deal holiday from an airline that is meant to be easy
    and a blue car hire company which were great (not sure about advertising )

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    Give Steve Cooper at Cookshill a ring he has been to Iceland many times and has said he will help if he can
    Kind regards L

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    Good day

    If you are looking for fishing options in Iceland, we can help you. The price range is from relatively low to very high. We usually help anglers customize trips to Iceland. If anglers only want to focus on Trophy trout or on prime time fishing for salmon, price of the trip will be high.
    If you want more info, you can contact us or check out our website - [URL=""][/URL

    Tight lines,
    Kristinn Ingolfsson
    Owner and guide at and
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