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Thread: River San

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    Hi Guys, Has anyone fished the river San in Poland this year, if so how is it fishing many thanks for any info.

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    River San is amazing place . Graylins , Trouts, Huchos. In very good size and quantity. i know because I'm fishing on San every year. Best time is autumn.

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    Many thanks for your reply I'm glad to here its fishing well again many thanks Kevin

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    Nice to hear fishing is going well in the San. I am seriously considering going there this year. Have basically already made up my mind.

    If there's any more info you could give on fishing the San, that would be greatly appreciated! Does it fish well at the end of june? Or is july a better time? I fish dry flies only, so that's also why I'm asking. Any suggestions on what flies to use? Maybe you know of any good places to stay for someone who wants to go by himself, and not book a arranged trip, but just do it myself.

    thanks in advance for any tips!

    @Kevin: have you decided to visit the San this year or are you still considering it?

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    I'm not sure you did get my answer. This forum is still enigmatic for me :-).
    Shortly . San is packed with a fish. Big ones fish. Huge .
    Grayling, Trouts, Hucho.
    July is to hot , fishing is possible only at early morning and late evening.
    Beginning of june its a prime time, late June is quite good to.
    Flies you can find if you write in a Google : Muchy na San.
    They should be very small, poor, simple.
    There are many places to stay , my favourite is: Nasza Oferta - Agroturystyka "U Mirka i Dorotki" , very close to the river, excellent food, good money.
    Buy licenses only for catch&release part of the river. Below you have nothing to search for.
    Buy licenses in advance. Later there will be no free licenses for weekends.
    San is very, very hard to fish. You have to learn this river . If you will see a fish in size of your leg, rising to the micro fly on a surface and this fish will take everything except for your fly , yuo will learn quick :-)
    I love this river . It taught me what endurance is .
    Good luck.

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